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Home net-worth Vanna White is Rich | Details on her Salary & Net Worth

Vanna White is Rich | Details on her Salary & Net Worth

rakshya Published On Sun May 29 2022   Modified On Sun May 29 2022
Vanna White is Rich | Details on her Salary & Net Worth

Everything About Vanna White's Net Worth Here!!

Vanna White is an accomplished American television host personality. If you are a fan of the Wheel of Fortune game show, you must be familiar with her. White is also a renowned model and actress.

Some of White's well-known movies are Goddess of Love, Graduation Day, Naked Gun 33 1/3, and Two Tickets To Paradise. She is currently dating John Donaldson. As per Closer, he is a successful contractor and owns JDC Construction + Development Group.

The host was previously married to her former husband, George Santo Pietro. They tied the knot in 1990 and parted ways in 2002. The ex-couple also shares two children, Nikko Santo Pietro, a full-time chef, and Gigi Santo Pietro, a photographer.

What is Vanna White's Net Worth And Salary in 2022?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Vanna White enjoys a whooping net worth of $85 million as of 2022. She made most of her fortune by working as a letter-turner on the Wheel of Fortune since 1982. One interesting fact about that is she beat out 200 other models for the job.

Vanna White enjoys a net worth of $85 million.

Vanna White enjoys a net worth of $85 million.
Image Source: Instagram

White, 65, earns  $10 million as her annual salary from the entertainment show. She earns $34,722 per show. Furthermore, White is estimated to gain $208,333 per workday for her multiple tapings.

White co-hosts the show along with Pat Sajak, 75 years old. The actress has been a part of the show for four decades. As per Variety, Vanna and Sajak have no plan to leave the show. They renewed the contract until 2024.

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“I love my job. So you’re going to see me for a while. “[I love] how happy we make people and rich! I mean, how many times do you show up every day and give money away to change people’s lives?” the host shared in one of her interviews.

Vanna White with her beau John Donaldson.

Vanna White with her beau John Donaldson.
Image Source: Instagram

White recalled her working experience with Sajak in an interview with Dear Doctor. "Working with him has been a blast! He is funny. We are like brother and sister off camera. And after 27 years of working together, we can almost finish each other's sentences. We also have never had one argument in all those years."

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Sajak holds a net worth of $70 million as of 2022. The difference between his and White's fortune is White's estate investment with her ex-husband. 

White has also made several appearances on many television shows like Married With ChildrenJust shoot MeThe A-TeamThe King of Queens, etc. As per Outsider, White doesn't like any political party and is not a political person either. 

Vanna White's Other Earnings

Vanna White makes huge money from casino licensing as well. Wheel of Fortune was the first entertainment show to be licensed to be used on slot machines. The show branded slot machines in Las Vegas, which were placed in casinos. 

Vanna White is a multi-millionaire.

Vanna White is a multi-millionaire.
Image Source: Instagram

In a decade, Wheel of Fortune branded slot machines were successful in being the highest revenue-generating slot machines in most casinos. Wheel of Fortune slot machines generates over $1 billion in gross revenue per year only in Las Vegas. 

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Likewise, slot machines generate over $2 billion throughout the world. Pat Sajak and Vanna White earn around $15 million per year from base royalty payments. It also includes various appearance fees and bonus fees. 

Sajak and White licensed their respective images for the earnings. White earns over $25 million per year from the Wheel of Fortune show, also including the casino licensing earnings. 

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White also created her line of yarns with Lion Brand Yarn called Vanna's Choice. Moreover, she also published a handful of books on how to sew. 

Vanna White Lawsuits Playboy And Sony

In 1987, Vanna White shockingly appeared in Playboy magazine. The photos were taken in 1982 by a photographer who wasn't even working for Playboy. After five months of clicking the pictures, the boy sold the photos to Playboy and Hugh Hefner.

Vanna White with John Donaldson and kids Nikko Santo Pietro and Gigi Santo Pietro.

Vanna White with John Donaldson and children Nikko Santo Pietro and Gigi Santo Pietro.
Image Source: Instagram

After the pictures were published, White filed a $5.2 million lawsuit against Playboy. She claimed that publishing the photos would "tarnish her image as a modest, wholesome, attractive and innocent all-American girl." In addition, White also sued Hefner personally.

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The lawsuit was dropped as Playboy claimed that White was aware that the photos would be published. Further, they also claimed that as her autobiography was hitting the book stores, she wanted them to spread around the world.

In addition, in 1993, White sued Samsung Electronics Corporation. The company aired a commercial where a featured robot turned letters on a game show. 

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White claimed that the company was using her likeness without her permission. Moreover, White ended up winning the lawsuit. She was rewarded with $403,000 in damages.

Vanna White Real Estate 

Vanna White and her ex-spouse used to live in a gated community called The Mulholland Estates. They built a 15,000-square-foot spec house in the community of Beverly Park. Their neighbors were Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty.

Vanna White invests her income in mansions.

Vanna White invests her income in mansions.
Image Source: Instagram

After the couple's divorce, they gave the house for rent for $175,000 per month. However, they listed their mansion on the market for $47.5 million in 2017. 

The ex-pair also had a house nearby. They sold that house for $22 million. White invests her income in buildings and apartments. She likes flipping houses.

In the early 2000s, White bought a 10,000-square-foot mansion for $3.4 million. It was located in the hills above Beverly Hills. At present, the house is worth $10 million.

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In Sherman Oaks, California, Vanna White paid $1.125 million for a home in 2013. She listed the home for rent for $20,000 per month in 2020.

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