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5 Need to Know Facts about 'On My Block' Star Sierra Capri

Bran Published On Sun Mar 22 2020   Modified On Sun Mar 22 2020
5 Need to Know Facts about 'On My Block' Star Sierra Capri

Find out some of the intriguing details about Netflix's young star, Sierra Capri, right here. 

21-year-old American actress, Sierra Capri, built a reputation through her acting roles in the Netflix network, courtesy of the 'On My Block.' The Baltimore-born diva made some sacrifices to embark upon her career goals by skipping the college. 

Born on September 8, 1998, the charming artist already accumulates a net worth in six digits, and at the rate, she is going, the numbers will surely reach the one million mark very soon. Capri dreamt of being an actress since her childhood and worked towards achieving it following a move to Georgia at the mere age of 12.

Sierra Capri in a brown sweater poses for a selfie.

Sierra Capri moved to Georgia at the mere age of 12.
Photo Source: Sierra Capri's Instagram

Many fans recognize Sierra from her in-show name of 'Monse Finnie' since she has been leading the Netflix series for three years now. The highly-rated 'On My Block' `March 11, 2020. So, stay with us to find out some of the exciting facts of the American actress.

5. Sierra Capri Debuted at the Age of 18 

The 5' 6'' tall, Sierra Capri always saw herself with the ability to star on television and the big screen. However, the right to dream doesn't give away everything that easy; thus, she burnt the midnight oil as a teenager to become an actress. She was just 18, when she made her television debut, and what else could be better for a start than a Netflix show, as 'On My Block'.

As an actor, what more could you ask for than getting a breakthrough from the debut itself? The Netflix show was an instant success that landed further opportunities on her way as well, such as 'American Skin' and an appearance on the 'Red Carpet Report.'

Sierra Capri in a yellow dress poses for a picture.

Sierra Capri got opportunities to feature in Red Carpet Report and American Skin in 2019.
Photo Source: Sierra Capri's Instagram

The 21-year-old initially learned the opportunity to audition in the Netflix network through a casting website after completion of her junior year at Armstrong University. When the casting was done, 'Monse' was set to be a 14-year-old.

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Capri initially received $20,000 per episode going into the first season of the show, but since it was an instant hit, the salary sheet rose within no time. After some negotiations with the Netflix show, the actress settled for $65,000 from the latter seasons. 

4. Capri's Mixed Ethnicity Became a Subject of Controversy

It was quite shameful to experience debate on Sierra Capri's ethnic background in the 21st generation. Since it was a part of her job to portray the 'On My Block' lead, 'Monse', an Afro-Latino, people went over quickly over the cultural background of the 21-year-old to create a controversy. 

Sierra Capri with a black hair poses in front of the camera.

Sierra Capri's ethnicity was questioned after her Netflix appearance.
Photo Source: Sierra Capri's Instagram

To be precise, Capri grew up as a mixed-ethnicity, but she is not Afro-Latina like her character. The Netflix star often revealed herself how she is multicultural, but she wasn't unaware that neither side accepted her for who she was.

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The 'On My Block' director, Lauren Iungerich, received multiple criticisms as it was she who decided to cast Capri in the Afro-Latina character. Despite that, she chose her because of her acting abilities and versatility. Furthermore, she even believed how a mixed-race kid like her could be a proper story-teller to do the justice of her storyline. 

3. Capri Dropped Out of College for Acting

Some of the college dropouts like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates ruled over the world, and we would hope Sierra Capri to do the same since she followed the same pattern. Since she always wanted to be an actress, when the time came to choose, she decided to skip college for her dream. 

Sierra Capri in a white swimsuit poses at the pool.

21-year-old Sierra Capri rose to fame after her performance in 'On My Block'.
Photo Source: Sierra Capri's Instagram

Sierra even promised her parents how she would complete her degree before pursuing a full-time acting role. As she was studying biology at a University at Savannah, she took a minor, appearance-only parts in movies like 'Neighbors 2' and 'Hidden Figures'.

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Following a selection in the Netflix hit, Capri couldn't focus on her education, thus decided to drop out. The actress is yet to graduate, and only time will tell if she keeps the promise made to her parents. 

2. Capri Featured in an Oscar-Nominated Movie

As Sierra Capri looks back at her small yet promising portfolio, she would be pleased to have earned credit in an Oscar-nominated film of 2016 in 'Hidden Figures.'

Sierra Capri in a white-black shirt poses for a photoshoot.

Sierra Capri was an extra in Oscar-nominated movie, 'Hidden Figures'.
Photo Source: Sierra Capri's Instagram

As a part-time profession, she joined the cast in the movie as an extra. Despite such a minor role to mark an unofficial start of Capri's career, it nevertheless helped her boost her confidence heading into 'On My Block' two years later.

1. Raised by a Single Mother

Well, it was quite unfortunate for Sierra Capri to witness her parents split up while growing up. Ever since, it was her mother, who worked all day to make her childhood as pleasant as possible. She also cherished the old memories in an interview, saying how her mom accompanied her in practices, games, and rehearsals. 

Sierra Capri, a baby in white with her dad.

Sierra Capri was close with her dad even though she grew up with her mom.
Photo Source: Sierra Capri's Instagram

While Sierra grew up with her single mom, it doesn't mean she was any far from her father. In fact, he always took time out of his life to spend with the Netflix actor despite being on sour terms with her mom. Surprisingly, it was quite ironic that Capri played the role of 'Monse' in 'On My Block', as the character grew up with a single father instead.

With so many accomplishments this young, Capri lives in Los Angeles with her mother today. 

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