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Who is Adam Schlesinger's Wife? Complete Details of His Married Life

Bran Published On Sun Apr 05 2020   Modified On Mon Dec 06 2021
Who is Adam Schlesinger's Wife? Complete Details of His Married Life

The world lost the three-time Emmy-winning singer, Adam Schlesinger in April 2020 due to the COVID-19 complication. That was heartbreak for his ex-wife, Katherine Michel. Let's see how their married life was.

It was a big shock to everyone when the co-founder of 'Fountains of Wayne', Adam Schlesinger became another celebrity victim to the Novel CoronaVirus on April 1, 2020. The Oscar-nominated songwriter, originally from Manhattan, New York was even a significant part of the synth-pop duo of 'Fever High'. Schlesinger was admitted in the hospital for a few days due to the COVID-19 complications before actually losing his life.

The unfortunate death of the singer at the age of 52 deeply saddened Adam's ex-wife, Katherine Michel, as well. Although they were no longer together, the pair surely shared some great moments in their life to share a soft spot for ever. So, without wasting much time, let us know about Adam's ex-wife and their relationship.

Adam Schlesinger and Katherine Michel Married in 1999

The late singer, Adam Schlesinger tied the knot with his supposed-to-be soulmate, Katherine Michele on January 30, 1999, at Le Zoo, according to the wedding announcement from the New York Times. The bride appeared in a greenish-white leather Prada suit with a mini skirt alongside father Clifford L. Michel in one of the most important days of her life. Later, they conducted a larger reception with all their close friends  and associates nearby M Studio for a very fancy party, focusing on larger celebrations.

Adam Schlesinger in a black tux poses with ex-wife Michel.

Adam Schlesinger and ex-wife Katherine Michel tied the knot at Le Zoo.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Interestingly, the love birds first met at WXOU Radio Bar, a setting where the recently deceased singer Adam Schlesinger used to collaborate with a fellow member from 'Fountains of Wayne', Chris Collingwood. Just as he met Michel, there was a vibe that was different from the usual. Following that, they exchanged their numbers and started dating one another regularly. Back then, the star was just looking to settle himself into the music industry and initiate his band. 

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The duo of Katherine Michel and the late actor, Adam Schlesinger went on a second date together at a grand event of the Academy Awards in 1997. The moment was significant for the singer since his song, 'That You Thing Do' received a nomination.

As the two exchanged their vows in early 1999, their close friends termed Adam's ex-wife Michel as 'sometimes traditional and sometimes rebellious.' Moreover, Michel's friend from Yale University, Kimbrough Kellison even labelled her as "high-spirited, daring, and a little bold.'

Michel and the Schlesinger: Parents of Two

Following the lavish wedding ceremony of millions worth Adam Schlesinger and his ex-wife Katherine Michel in 1999, the two went on to embark a family together. The married couple shares two adorable daughters named Sadie Schlesinger and Claire Schlesinger from the time they spent together. Although he parted ways with Michel later on, the two always tried their best to spend time with their children.

"Having a baby in the NICU during a pandemic while a dear friend was in the hospital 3,000 miles away made this by far the most emotionally intense week of mine and Gregor's lives," - Rachel Bloom

Like everyone else, the two daughters were left distraught with the shocking demise of their beloved father. Besides that, Adam's close friend, Rachel Bloom, referenced him in her Instagram while she welcomed her baby with husband Dan Gregor. Since her close friend Adam was in ventilator, that was an incredibly tough moment for the diva. Unfortunately, only a few hours after the Instagram post, it was announced that the 'Stacy's Mom' singer lost his life.

Michel and Schlesinger Got Divorced in 2013

The married duo of Adam Schlesinger and ex-wife Katherine Michel seemed perfect for the cameras. However, they experienced several problems between them which put an expiry date in their marriage.

Adam Schlesinger holding a guitar poses for a picture.

Adam Schlesinger is the co-founder of 'Fountains of Ways' and the singer of famous song, 'Stacy's Mom'.
Photo  Source: Entertainment Weekly

The 'Fountains of Ways' co-founder had several conflicts and discussions on a repetitive basis which caused them to pull the trigger. Consequently, they filed for divorce, which was legally finalized in 2013 to part their journey.

According to TMZ, the songwriter went on to share a romantic relationship with a secret girlfriend later on and even at the time of his death. On the other hand, Michel went on to live a private life, away from the media hype. So not much is known about the diva's relationship status following the divorce.

Schlesinger's Ex-Wife Michel is a Graphic Designer

A picture of Adam Schlesinger's ex-wife Katherine Michel.

Dead singer Adam Schlesinger and Katherine Michel parted ways with a divorce in 2013.
Photo Source: Stars Wiki 

Contrary to the globally-popular Adam Schlesinger, his ex-wife Michel's profession wasn't so glamorous. While the two tied the knot in 1999, she used to work for Grenfell Press, a firm specializing in art books as a graphic designer. Currently, she serves as the partner of the media company.

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In 2013, the same year as she parted ways with Schlesinger, Michel founded Planthouse Gallery on 28th Street with Brad Ewing. The two used to be co-workers at Grenfell Press as well. Similarly, she is on the board member of the International Print Center New York and The Bronx named Wave Hill, a public garden and cultural center. Besides that, she is also a member of Victor Garden Collective, a foundation made in response to the 2016 presidential election to promote women's issues.

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