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Complete Guide to Noah Centineo Girlfriends List and Dating History

Bran Published On Sun Mar 01 2020   Modified On Mon Dec 06 2021
Complete Guide to Noah Centineo Girlfriends List and Dating History

Calvin Klein model Noah Centineo has a fair share of luck when it comes to women. Here are all the details about his girlfriends till today.

The 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' star, Noah Centineo rose to prominence as an actor, but he has been the talk of the town with his dating affairs and history as well.

Ever since starting his career in 2009, Centineo has been fairly successful, be it from  Disney's 'How to Build A Better Boy' and 'The Fosters'. Besides a resounding career, he has been the media's story with his personal life, specially the women he dated.

Noah Centineo and Alexis Ren Are Currently Dating

Following numerous speculations, the Instagram model, Alexis Ren, and Netflix actor Noah Centineo confirmed their relationship in the fall of 2019. The two started enjoying each other's company from April 2019 with multiple public appearances.

Centineo and Ren even attended the 2019 Revolve Awards in Los Angeles in November 2019 to show where they stand in their relationship.

Noah Centineo and Alexis Ren pose at the pool.

Alexis Ren and Noah Centineo have been together since the fall of 2019.
Source: Instagram

The Netflix star often takes things public with multiple pictures together on his Instagram handle.

Just like Noah, Ren has had a fair share of relationships in the past, but as things stand, the duo look very good together and seem to be quite serious.

According to the US Weekly, Noah was caught wrapping his arm around the IG star. If it's still doubtful, the artist displayed a romantic side of him as he kissed her on the side of her forehead. 

Noah Centineo Had a Brief Dating Stint with Kelli Berglund

Well, the relationship history between Noah Centineo and Kelli Berglund goes way back to the 2013s. Neither of them was particularly famous by then, but a younger version of themselves definitely enjoyed one another's company. The adorable couple back then also attended a baseball game while they were together.

Noah Centineo in a grey t-shirt poses with former girlfriend Kelli Berglund at a baseball game.

Noah Centineo and Kelli Berglund dated in 2013. 
Source: Instagram

The 'Lab Rats' star, Kelli Berglund and Centineo are no longer together, but they look to have ended things on good terms.

Noah Centineo and Angeline Appel Went Out for Two Years

The 'Gold Retrievers' actor was romantically involved with the 'Shameless' actress (not metaphorically), Angeline Appel from 2016 to 2018

The fans loved the bond between the two promising Hollywood artists, but like every good thing, the time they would spend as couples also had an expiry date.

A picture of Noah Centineo and ex-lover Angeline Appel making out.

Noah Centineo and Angeline Appel were lovers for two years.
Source: Instagram

Noah, following their breakup, did delete the pictures of them together on their feed, but her ex-girlfriend decided to keep them for all the good times they shared. 

Lauren Kolodin and Noah Centineo Broke Up On Good Terms

Alexis Ren wasn't the first Instagram model Centineo dated. Previously, he went out with another promising diva with over 80,000 followers, Lauren Kolodin.

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The hot duo, however, failed to sustain whatever that was cooking between them. Regardless of that, the two still consider each other as good friends. 

Noah Centineo in a yellowish t-shirt spending time with former lover Lauren Kolodin in black.

Noah Centineo was rumored to be dating Lauren Kolodin through this picture. 
Source: Instagram

Just like Noah, Lauren also moved on with her life as well, as she currently has a boyfriend named Peyton Meyer

Noah Centineo Flirted with Lily Collins As Well

With all the women on the list, one might consider Noah Centineo as the 'Barney Stinson' for the ladies (no offense). In addition to the long list comes fellow artist, Lily Collins.

Noah Centineo's photo with Lily Collins and a little baby with a cheeky caption.

Noah Centineo openly flirting with fellow actress, Lily Collins on his Instagram profile.
Source: Instagram

The same management team represents Lily and Noah. Furthermore, they met while sharing the screen in Arty's 'Save Me Tonight' music video. While working together, the bond between them spiced a little as well. 

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While the relationship between the two can't be defined, one could say that Noah's connection with Collins wasn't the one he has with every other girl.

A BIG NO! Noah Centineo Did Not Date Camila Cabello

Yes, rumors did break when Noah Centineo and Camila Cabello worked together in the music video of her all-time hit, 'Havana'. 

Centineo loved working with the talented singer and even expressed how Camila was "the kindest, smallest, the most loving creature ever." But, it is safe to say there was nothing more to it than that.

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