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Home net-worth "Big Brother" Host Julie Chen Net Worth in 2022

"Big Brother" Host Julie Chen Net Worth in 2022

Parker Published On Sun Jul 11 2021   Modified On Mon Jul 11 2022
"Big Brother" Host Julie Chen Net Worth in 2022

Grab The Net Worth Details of The Big Brother Host Julie Chen.

For those people who watch the reality TV show Big Brother, the name Julie Chen is not new. She is the television personality who has been the host of Big Brother, a popular reality show since it started back in 2000. Chen has done plastic surgeries

Julie Suzanne Chen's father, David Y. Chen and her mother, Wan Ling Chen, Chinese immigrants, welcomed her on January 6, 1970. She was raised alongside two sisters, Vicki Chen and Gladys Chen. In 2004 she married the Chief Executive Officer of the CBS CorporationLeslie Moonves, in Mexico.

People are eager to know how much Big Brother hostess Julie earns per season and her net worth. Below are the details we gathered regarding her earnings and fortune.

"Big Brother" Hostess Julie Chen's Net Worth: She is Multi-Millionaire

Being Asian, Julie Chen has faced a lot of discrimination in her career. Besides bias, she also worked for lower salaries than her colleagues. Though she was humiliated, she never gave hope and amassed an impressive net worth of $30 million per Celebrity Net worth.

Julie Chen has amassed an impressive net worth of $30 million per Celebrity Net worth.

Julie Chen with her husband, Leslie Moonves.
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Julie made most of this figure from her hosting duties on 'Big Brother,' which earns Chen nearly $3 million per season. As per Distractify, an average of 40 episodes per season brings Julie's salary to $75,000 per episode. 

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Julie's husband, the former CEO and Chairman of CBS, Leslie Moonves's net worth, is estimated to be $400 million. Since both husband and wife are millionaires, we can say that Julie lives a luxurious lifestyle with her family.

Chen and her co-hosts were nominated for six Daytime Emmy Awards while on The Talk, one for Outstanding Talk Show Host and five for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host. Julie, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler, and Sheryl Underwood shared the honor in 2017.

Julie Chen's Real Estate Details

Julie Chen and her husband Leslie Moonves live in Beverly Hills, 10,000 square foot mansion they bought in 2004. The house features a $500 thousand screening room that was paid for by CBS.

Julie Chen and Leslie Moonves purchased a 6,500 square foot Carbon Beach home in Malibu estate from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen for $28.8 million.

Julie and her husband, Leslie Moonves, bought a home in Malibu estate from Microsoft co-founder.
Photo SOurce: Hollywood Reporter

The couple purchased a 6,500-square-foot Carbon Beach home in Malibu estate from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen for $28.8 million as per the reports from The Hollywood Reporter. Before buying the house, the duo sold their 3,014 square foot home in Malibu for $11.125million, which they purchased in 2008, paying $10 million.

"The Talk" Co-Presenter Julie Chen on CBS

An American television personality and news anchor, Julie Suzanne Chen, is well-known for her work on the CBS network. Currently, she works as the host for the U.S version of the reality series "Big Brother." Besides this, she also worked as a co-presenter and moderator of the CBS daytime show "The Talk." 

Julie Chen works as the host for the U.S version of the reality television show "Big Brother

Julie Chen served as an anchor for Ohio-based WDTN-TV in the mid-90s. 
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She began working professionally in the early 90s, serving as an intern for the "CBS Morning News." which led Julie to an assistant position at ABC NewsOne. She left NewsOne to serve as an anchor for Ohio-based WDTN-TV in the mid-90s. 

Julie, 52, became the anchor for "CBS Morning News" and "The Early Show" in 1999. Julie showed up alongside Jane Clayson, Bryant Gumbel, Maggie Rodriguez, Harry Smith, and Rene Syler in the show.

Julie Chen as Host in Big Brother

Since the reality show Big Brother started in 2000, Julie Chen has been a part of it. During the principal season, Chen was generally reprimanded for her vigorously scripted, wooden conveyance in her collaboration with the studio crowd.

Since the Reality show Big Brother started in 2000, Julie Chen has been working the host.

Julie Chen is the host of the TV reality shows Big Brother.
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In the thirty-fifth episode of the twentieth season of Big Brother that aired on September 13, 2018, Julie began to use her married name Julie Chen Moonves as part of her sign-off. Before that, she used to sign off simply by saying, Julie Chen.

After that, she began receiving mixed responses from viewers and fans on social media. On November 27, 2018, CBS officially confirmed she would return to host the second season of Celebrity Big Brother, using the name Julie Chen Moonves.

Julie Chen as The Anchor in The Talk

Julie Chen co-hosted the CBS daytime program, The Talk, for eight seasons, which premiered on October 18, 2010. The show featured Chen, the show creator Sara Gilbert, Robinson Peete, and Marissa Jaret Winokur.

Julie Chen co-hosted the CBS Daytime talk show, The Talk, for eight seasons premiered on October 18, 2010.

Julie Chen co-hosted the CBS Daytime talk show, The Talk.
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Chen made it clear in a prerecorded tape that she would not return to The Talk on September 18, 2018. In addition, she said she wanted to spend more time at home with her husband after several sexual assault allegations surfaced against her husband, Les Moonves.

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CBS' "The Talk" confirmed Carrie Ann Inaba is officially joining the daytime series as a new co-host. Inaba has been filling in regularly as a guest presenter for the past two seasons.

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