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Charles Bronson Net Worth — How Much Did He Leave Behind Following His Death

Bran Published On Thu Apr 02 2020   Modified On Fri Apr 15 2022
Charles Bronson Net Worth — How Much Did He Leave Behind Following His Death

'10 to Midnight actor', Charles Bronson might no longer be with us today, but his works are certainly immortal. Let's check out his earnings and the net worth he left following his death.

A lot of the Millenials will find it challenging to recognize the legendary Charles Bronson today, but there's no doubt that he was the star of the industry in the 1950s until his death in 2003. The audience mostly saw him portray roles of a police officer, gunfighter, or vigilante, ironic maybe, considering how he was a member of US Army Air Forces in 1943 and served them quite well for several battles and missions.

Born on November 3, 1921, Charles Bronson was the eleventh child out of fifteen in his family, but the one that would certainly make the family name worth remembering in the generations to come. In fact, he led different television shows such as 'Man with a Camera,' 'Gang War,' and 'Hennessy.' With almost five decades of acting at the very top level, Bronson not just rose to fame but also amassed significant net worth value. So, without wasting much time, let us delve into the details. 

Charles Bronson Was a Millionaire in Terms of Net Worth

It is quite evident that spending so many years on the screen as Charles Bronson has its perks, especially when it comes to money. Specifically, the late TV actor accumulates an estimated net worth of $48 million as of 2003 ($68.2 million in today's money), the year he passed away. Initially, he took some acting training at a theatrical group, moved to Hollywood, and did some minor roles in a few movies, and that undoubtedly paved the way for a bright future.

Charles Bronson used to make $1 million per film in the 1970s.

Charles Bronson used to make $1 million per film in the 1970s.
Photo Source: Instagram

Late Bronson, interestingly, appeared as himself in shows & movies like 'Target Zero' and 'Big House.' By the 1970s, the charismatic actor was at the peak of his career and the world's no.1 box office attraction. Consequently, he made around $1 million from every movie he played in, the result of his enormous bank balance.

Charles Bronson Amassed the Fortunes from Movies and TV Shows

Charles Bronson died of Pneumonia in 2003 at the age of 81.

Charles Bronson died of Pneumonia in 2003 at the age of 81.
Photo Source: Instagram

Just like the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Cruise lead this current generation with their unique abilities and some of the best movies, back in the nineties, Charles Bronson was the face of Hollywood. However, that doesn't mean he didn't burn the midnight oil to reach such massive stature. Before getting into acting, he worked in a coal mine and made $1 for mining one ton of coal. Surprisingly, back in the days, the late Bronson used to work double shifts to earn $1 a week.

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The tables changed gradually as Bronson kept on working in Hollywood as he appeared in movies like 'The Great Escape' and '4 for Texas'. Similarly, he also played a leading, supporting role in 'The Magnificent Seven' in 1960 and bagged around $50,000 in return. In fact, the deceased actor received an Emmy nomination for his role in CBS's 'General Electric Theater.' By the 1970s, earning $1 million was a routine for him in Hollywood. Consequently, he took paychecks worth $1.5 million from Cannon Films to play in 'Death Wish II.' 

Charles Bronson's Multiple Houses at Bel-Air and Vermont

The multi-millionaire Charles Bronson lived a lavishing life in fancy houses to show his wealth. And he'd come a long way since he had four cents to take his first wife to date. Unsurprisingly, the actor owned real estate properties all over the States and lived wherever shooting took him. Despite that, he mostly used to be seen with his late wife, Jill Ireland, at their farmhouse in Vermont.

Charles Bronson in black holding his daughter alongside wife Jill Ireland in his farmhouse at Vermont.

Charles Bronson used to spend time with his family at his peaceful Vermont residence.
Photo Source: LA Times

The mansion-like house comprised all the fancy amenities such as a carousel horse he bought for his daughter Zuleika Bronson and elegant dining. The two-story house consists of six bedrooms and a guest wing, but Bronson rarely used to bring guests there. It was in a peaceful setting behind the white birches in the Green Mountains standing on 260 acres of land.

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In addition to the Vermont residence, Bronson, who died of pneumonia also used to live in his house in Bel-Air, California. Kudos to architect Roland Coate, the Spanish-style home included seven bedrooms, a game room, a music room, and a wine room as well. Surprisingly, the mansion included space that could accommodate around 40 guests. Bronson and his wife Jill bought the villa back in November 1968 and sold it in June 1995 for a staggering $3.573 million.

Charles Bronson's Family Fought Over His Will

Charles Bronson left this world in August 2003 due to pneumonia, which later resulted in his family members fighting over his $48 million will. Surprisingly, his third wife, Kim Weeks, was quite disheartened about not getting his Vermont beach house worth $4.8 million. Likewise, his son, Tony Bronson, was pissed over his father's widow, who got so much of the will by banning other members from visiting Bronson on his deathbed.

The late television star put massive investments in several trust funds, which also caused fury among the family members. It was quite a shame how the children were left unsatisfied even after getting millions in cash and real estate. According to the papers, Bronson's youngest child, daughter Zuleika Bronson alone received twice as much money as other members of the family.

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