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Home lifestyle 'The Bachelor' Star Colton Underwood is in a Relationship - Let's Find Out About His Love Story

'The Bachelor' Star Colton Underwood is in a Relationship - Let's Find Out About His Love Story

Kenshinpark Published On Tue Apr 14 2020   Modified On Tue Apr 14 2020
'The Bachelor' Star Colton Underwood is in a Relationship - Let's Find Out About His Love Story

Colton Underwood is a former NFL player; however, he is better known for his stint on the show, 'The Bachelor.' The American Reality TV star appeared on the 23rd season of 'The Bachelor.' Colton appeared on other Bachelor Nation shows like ' The Bachelorette: Starring Becca Kufrin,' and 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

The star, who was born on January 26, 1992, in Indianapolis, Indiana, did not win Becca's heart during the 14th season of 'The Bachelorette,' but found his soulmate from one of the Bachelor Nation show.

So, obviously, you are here to know about who is Colton Underwood's girlfriend. And we are going to discuss just that here. So let's find out.

Colton Underwood Girlfriend, Is He Dating Someone or Single?

Colton Underwood Girlfriend.

Colton Underwood is dating his girlfriend, Cassie Randolph. Cassie is the winner of 'The Bachelor' season 23.
Photo Source: Colton Underwood Instagram

As you all are aware, 'The Bachelor' season 23 premiered on January 7, 2019. The show saw many talented and beautiful ladies; however, Colton had his eyes locked on one girl. With the conclusion of the show, we saw Underwood picked Cassie Randolph, and ever since they are together.

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Underwood picked Cassie and named her the winner with no proposal. Colton just accepted the rose, and everything is history. The couple, despite the show ending in March, the couple celebrate their anniversary on November 15. The couple celebrated their first anniversary on November 15, 2019, in Saint Lucia.

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Stayed Together While Self-Quarantining

As we are aware, the world is facing deadly pandemic, Coronavirus. People are maintaining social distancing and keeping themselves on self-quarantine. So, like all responsible citizens, the couple also recently is in self-isolation to check the spreading of the virus.

Colton and his girlfriend, Cassie Randolph, are self-isolating due to Coronavirus pandemic. However, The Bachelor star, Colton, was still tested COVID-19 positive.
Photo Source: Colton Underwood Instagram

While the couple was aware enough to keep themselves away from the virus, Colton was, sadly, tested positive with the COVID-19. He explained his difficulties due to the disease, and also stressed how much support he got from his girlfriend, Cassie Randolph.

Lately, there are some rumors of a couple's split, which is nothing but a hoax. Just a couple of hours ago, two were seen together, where Cassie gave a nice haircut to her beau. The photo was posted on Colton's Instagram.

With proper care and love, The Bachelor star is recovering from the disease pretty well. He recently updated his health stats and looks like he is headed in the right direction. The couple is still self-isolating at Randolph's home. Though she seems to be taking care of her beau pretty well, there are things that Underwood thinks should not have happened, as his bad haircut by his girlfriend, Cassie Randolph.

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