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How Rich is American Musician Timbaland?

Alizeh Published On Tue Feb 18 2020   Modified On Fri Feb 21 2020
How Rich is American Musician Timbaland?

Record producer, rapper, singer, songwriter, and DJ Timothy Zachery Mosley, aka Timbaland, is an influential performer who contributed to the chart-scaling success of a host of recording artists in the early 21st century.

By the late 1990s, Timbaland had developed a signature sound that made him much sought-after and often-imitated hip-hop and rhythm-and-blues producer. 

timbaland in the recording studio

How rich is Timbaland?
Source: Master Class

The rapper later created new record labels under the umbrella of Interscope Beat Club and Mosley Music Group and received three Grammy Awards, in the year 2006, 2007 and two Grammys in 2013. 

In his career, Timbaland earned multiple awards and recognitions for his works. Of course, fame comes with a lot of cha-chings in the bank account, let's look into how rich the rapper is. 

Timbaland's Net Worth

Timbaland began his career as one of the rapping duo Timbaland and Magoo. According to the wealthy gorilla, as of 2020, Timbaland's net worth is estimated to be $85 million.

According to celebnetworth, the musician earns $14.17 Million per year, $1.18 million per month, and $272,435.9 per week, which is a whopping amount of money. 

timbaland wearing a black tshirt on stage holding a mic

Timbaland performing on stage
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In the year 2018, the master DJ dropped a reported $4 million (or eight beats of cash) for two modern waterfront condos in Aria on the Bay, Miami's sleek 53-story tower nearing completion in the celebrity-rich Edgewater neighborhood.

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Timbaland's two sleek units combine into one sprawling 4,700-square-foot condo with six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two private elevators, and an expansive 1,300-square-foot terrace boasting unobstructed Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean views. 

Timbaland's Miami waterfront apartment
Source: Forbes

The musician, subject to weight loss speculations, owns White Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead with 22″ Chrome Forgiato Grano wheels, which costs a whopping $500k car $10k rims. 

Timbaland in his Maybach 62s
Source: Sounds Good Stereo Nashville

The musician also owns a Maybach 62s with the partition wall (2-Seat Limousine); it is the definition of luxury on wheels, which costs $500,000. From the outside, it appears to look like a rebadged Mercedes-Benz, but longer. 

timbaland shakin hands with jay z

Timbaland with Jay Z 
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He earns additional money from his record labels, merchandise and appearances, which adds up more money in his bank account. 

Timbaland's Opioid Addiction 

Timbaland, in a recent interview, revealed that he became addicted to opioids after being prescribed the pills to cope with the pain of a dental procedure. 

Mosley detailed on Wednesday's episode of Tamron Hall that he eventually relied on opioids to complete day to day tasks, but they had drastic effects on his alertness.

Timbaland with his daughters 
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The 47-year-old admitted that his addiction negatively impacted his music career.

I thought some of the pills were making me create, but as I went back to listen to some of my music, I was like, 'Oh, this is not a creation, this is a hot mess.'

The drug affected the musician's personal life too. His relationships with his ex-wife, Monique Mosley, and children were affected. But it was the relationships with his kids that helped him break his addiction. 

timbaland in an interview wearing a white suit

Timbaland Talks about his addiction 
Source: Essence 

The rapper got clean and began working with a trainer and lost a significant amount of weight. However, despite the improvements in his mental and physical health, he still considers himself to be a work in progress.

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Timbaland - previously married to Monique Mosley - is one of the legendary artists of our time, with multiple hits on the Billboard charts the artist gave us a lot of memorable songs. 

Now that he is clean from the drugs and working to make himself better, fans expect more great music from him. 

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