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Home net-worth How Rich is Little America Star Conphidance? Here's the Full Breakdown

How Rich is Little America Star Conphidance? Here's the Full Breakdown

Heisenberg Published On Tue Jan 07 2020   Modified On Wed Jan 08 2020
How Rich is Little America Star Conphidance? Here's the Full Breakdown

Here's all you need to know about the net worth and earnings of actor, musician, and comedian Conphidance (Uchenna Echeazu).

Conphidance or his real name Uchenna Echeazu is well known for his role on the Emmy Award winning television series 'Atlanta.' Additionally, he played in 'American Gods', 'Complications', 'The Sacrament' on Netflix. Besides these movies and series, he made appearances in the Daytime Emmy Award winning television series 'The Inspector.'

Conphidance is set to star in an upcoming American anthology television series 'Little America.' The series will premiere on 17 January 2020. 'Little America' portrays the life of immigrants in America by adding fun, romance and inspiration to make the audiences learn the real hardships and difficulties people from foreign countries face when they come to live and work in the United States.

Conphidance is well known for his performance in series and movies like 'American Gods', 'Complications', 'The Sacrament', 'Atlanta' and 'The Inspector.'

Conphidance is starring in a new television series 'Little America.'

Apart from Conphidance's impressive acting skills, most of you may be curious to know about how much he has made from his performance in movies and series. Here we have compiled all the information you need to satisfy your curiousness on the actor's Net worth and income.

What is Conphidance's Net worth?

Conphidance, from all the movies and series he has been involved over the years, is a possessor of $150,000 net worth.

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In the sections list below, we have mentioned some of the popular movies and series in which Conphidance is involved.


'Atlanta' won two Emmy Awards in season 1 and won 3 in season 2 with the IMDb rating of 8.6.

Conphidance as the owner in the Emmy award winning series 'Atlanta.'

Conphidance played as an owner in 'Atlanta"
Source: Konbini

Conphidance acted the role of an Owner in Season 2, Episode 3 named 'Money Bag Shawty' of the series.

American Gods

The Nigerian-born actor appeared on 7.9 IMDb rated 'American Gods'. His appearance was as the character Okoye in Season 1, Episode 2 named 'The Secret of Spoons' of the series. 


Conphidance played in the 7.1-rated series 'Complications' as the role of Curtis "CJ" Jackson.

Conphidance played as Curtis "CJ" Jackson in 'Complications.'

Conphidance played in 8 episodes of 'Complications.'
Source: IMDb

He played in 8 episodes of the series in 2015.

The Sacrament

Conphidance also acted in the 2013 horror thriller film 'The Sacrament'. The 99-minute movie got the IMDb rating of 6.1. 

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Conphidance made an appearance as a guide in the movie.

Little America

'Little America' is not released yet. The series is set to premiere on the 17th of January, 2020. We will see Conphidance play the character of Iwegbuna Ikeji in episode 1 of the series.

Conphidance is appearing as the character of Iwegbuna Ikeji in 'Little America.'

Conphidance is playing the character Iwegbuna Ikeji in 'Little America.'
Source: Conphidance's Twitter 

These are some of the prominent movies and television series Conphidance played in. Besides, his involvement in several other movies and series contributes to his current total net worth, all of which are difficult to mention in this article. The actor is bound to be more popular from his part in the recent series 'Little America' in 2020.

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