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Home lifestyle Joy Behar's Husband Steve Janowitz — Facts You Need to Know

Joy Behar's Husband Steve Janowitz — Facts You Need to Know

Alizeh Published On Sun Mar 15 2020   Modified On Sun Mar 15 2020
Joy Behar's Husband Steve Janowitz — Facts You Need to Know

American comedian, writer, and actress Joy Behar's been in Hollywood for a long time. She co-hosts the ABC daytime talk show 'The View'. Behar's latest weekly late-night talk show, 'Late Night Joy', aired on TLC in 2015. 

steve's portrait picture wearing a suit

Joy Behar's husband Steve Janowitz.
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Behar's done a lot of different movies and is mainly known for her comedy roles. The HNL host got married to her longtime boyfriend, Steve Janowitz. Here are some lesser-known facts about the celebrity husband; you might not know.

5. Steve Spent His Whole Life in High School 

We all know that Steve Janowitz is a high school teacher. But you might not know that he's spent his whole life being a high school teacher. 

Steve launched his career shortly after graduation when he began working as a high school teacher, staying in the same profession for more than 45 years, until retirement. That's some commitment.

4. Steve Got into a Relationship with Behar in 1982

Behar and Janowitz dated for 29 years before they finally got married in August 2011. She once said that they held off on getting married because she wanted to wait until same-sex marriage was legal in New York.

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Behar also had another weird condition before getting married to Steve. During an appearance on Rachel Ray, Behar said that she wanted to wait to marry Janowitz until his parents were dead. 

joy on the street waving to the paparazzi

Why did Joy waited so long to marry Steve?
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She didn't wish to have any in-laws. Both of her parents are deceased as well.

I waited until all the parents were dead. So I have no in-laws at all. He has none and I have none. 'Cause marriage is mostly about in-laws, I find. They always want you to visit them and come for lasagna.

Yeah, it's weird but somehow making a kind of sense?.

3. Steve Is Not on Any Social Media Platforms 

Unlike his famous wife, Steve Janowitz isn't active on any social platforms, including Instagram and Twitter, to date. He loves to live out of spotlight and media attendance, maintaining privacy over private life. 

steve and joy appearing in a party wearing full black outfit

Steve and Joy's public appearance 
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The retired high school teacher was never interested in attracting the media's attention and in being under the spotlight, and he prefers to spend his free time on his own or his wife's company.

He is very keen on reading and has read numerous books, while it is known that he often advised his students to read as much as they could, as there are "whole worlds to be discovered in books".

2. Steve Is a Philanthropist

Both Steve and his wife Joy are philanthropists and have volunteered on several occasions and with non-governmental organizations. They are both lovers of animals and have had three pet dogs over the years. The couple is a dog lover and owns a cute white-brown mixed colored Cockapoo breed dog 'Bernie Behar'.

The pair also postponed their marriage because they wanted the same-sex marriage to be legal.

1. Janowitz Wasn't Joy's First Choice 

Even though the pair's been together for almost three decades, Behar didn't want to get married to Steve. Joy had the hots for Wolf Isaac Blitzer, the German-born American journalist, television news anchor, and author who has been a CNN reporter since 1990 and is also the host of 'The Situation Room'.

joy and steve on the couch with their 2 dogs

Joy and Steve back in the days 
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In an interview, Behar said, "A little CNN to put you right to sleep." Fellow co-host Sunny Hostin quipped as the group laughed. Behar went on to say that she loves CNN, but Wolf Blitzer is "hypnotic" on his show, "The Situation Room."

While talking about her marriage with Steve Janowitz, Behar disclosed why she finally decided to get hitched. "I only married Steve because I got tired of waiting for Wolf Blitzer to ask me."

Watch: Joy Behar talk about Steve 

Well, the couple's marriage is working just fine so, Wolf didn't cause much friction in their relationship. 

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