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Home lifestyle Jumoke Hill — 5 Facts about the Recently Deceased Inspirational Figure

Jumoke Hill — 5 Facts about the Recently Deceased Inspirational Figure

Alizeh Published On Thu Mar 12 2020   Modified On Thu Mar 12 2020
Jumoke Hill — 5 Facts about the Recently Deceased Inspirational Figure

Recently deceased Jumoke Hill was a rising singer, entrepreneur and was going viral because of his weight loss, which he shared on social media. He has passed away following a vehicle crash that occurred earlier in the week, the devastating news shook people. 

jumoke's portrait picture

When did Jumoke Hill die?
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Here are some facts about the late star who gave people an inspiration to work on oneself and make oneself better. However, Hill went too soon with all his hopes and dreams incomplete. 

5. Jumoke Hill's Weight Loss Journey Began In 2013

Jumoke's videos on social media detailing his journey from 672.2 pounds was an inspiring one. He was inspiring because he was trying to lose weight naturally.

Weighing in at over 650 pounds, Hill decided it was time to make some drastic life changes – so he began going to the gym and working out. 

jumokes before and after boyd transformation

Jumoke's body transformation 
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He explained how making simple changes turned his life around, like practicing daily healthy habits, cooking for himself, and exercising. He expressed he never felt prouder of himself; he felt more robust and more mentally stable than ever before.

In Full Detail: Jumoke Hill's Inspirational Weight Loss, Workout & Transformation Story Before His Demise

Hill had already lost 72.5 pounds as he said his ultimate goal was to reach the 200-pound range and continue maintaining his fitness regularly. Jumoke was motivated and dedicated to making things work for him.

Watch: Jumoke Hill's Workout Regimen

Jumoke initially started dancing as a part of his fitness regime, but after a couple of years, he rigorously started working out and lost over 70 pounds in a matter of a couple of months. 

4. Jumoke Hill Was an Aspiring Singer/Rapper

Jumoke had an angelic voice when it came to singing; he was also known for it. In his youth, Hill enjoyed performing. When he discovered the rush of competing, it sparked something within him that has been burning ever since.

Jumoke's study sessions were like...
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A smooth-as-silk singing voice and an ambitious attitude have propelled Hill to try out for not one, but three of television's top reality shows. But for his latest challenge, Hill was waging a battle in which his sole competitor was himself, and the stakes have never been higher.

jumoke singing with his friends

Though Hill has vocal talents and a go-getter nature suited for Hollywood, he chose to call Union City home. This makes for a quick commute as Hill was the recreation leader for the City of Union City's Department. In 2009 and 2010, he organized and oversaw Union City's "Teen Idol" competitions.

3. Jumoke Hill Lost His Life Last Month

Jumoke passed away on 28 February 2020 in a car, an unfortunate accident. An inspiring soul, with tons of motivation and hopes in his heart, passed away is a shocking event. 

jumoke on friday fitness show along with six other people

Jumoke on Fitness Friday show 
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Hill served as an inspiration for a lot of people around the world and provided vocals for a lot of different projects. 

The singer was bouncing back in life with more confidence, but it all ended too soon for the young star. There aren't many details about the crash, but it was a regrettable event. 

2. Jumoke Hill Was Bullied Due to His Weight

We all know how Jumoke was overweight, and he explained how he has been overweight since his childhood days, at one point in his life, he weighed over 600 pounds. He was bullied and ridiculed until he started to hate himself. Recently, he said, "f**k that," and started dancing, with a program he found suitable. 

Young Jumoke Hill.
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Since the channel launch, the California native has become something of a folk hero to YouTube-loving weight loss enthusiasts the world round. Popdust caught up with him for an exclusive, one on one interview.

When asked if he got bullied for his weight Hill said

Sure, but I know who I am, and I know what I'm about. So I'm not worried. Growing up, I didn't realize it at the time, but those people made me stronger. I wouldn't be the outspoken person I am today If I didn't have those experiences.

To his bullies he said,

"Thank you. Because of you, I learned how to love myself, and keep moving forward no matter what anybody says. I hope that one day you find peace within yourself like I have."

1. Jumoke Hill Participated in 'American Idol'

Hill auditioned in 'American Idol' Season 5. Jumoke Hill has survived the venomous critiques of infamous American Idol judge Simon Cowell, braved the scrutinizing inspection of 'The Biggest Loser' auditions. 

jumoke on american idol auditions singing

When American Idol began holding auditions, Hill made the performer's pilgrimage, five times. Finally, during the show's fifth season, Hill made it through grueling round after round and found himself before the show's infamous panel of three: Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson — singing George Benson's 'On Broadway.'

Watch: Jumoke Hill singing

Although Hill didn't advance in the competition beyond his initial meeting with the judges, Hill took away some valuable critiques and took them to heart and built a loyal following.

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