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Home health Jumoke Hill's Inspirational Weight Loss, Workout & Transformation Story Before His Demise

Jumoke Hill's Inspirational Weight Loss, Workout & Transformation Story Before His Demise

Alizeh Published On Wed Mar 11 2020   Modified On Wed Mar 11 2020
Jumoke Hill's Inspirational Weight Loss, Workout & Transformation Story Before His Demise

Singer, entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed human just trying to do better, Jumoke Hill's become an inspiration for all the people around the world with his fantastic weight transformation. 

jumoke standing on the lake side wearing a hoodie cap and glasses

How much weight did Jumoke lose?
Source: Black doctor 

However, the beloved singer died on February 28, 2020. The unfortunate incident left his family and well-wishers in shock, who are still mourning. Before Jumoke's demise, he was battling with his weight; let's look into his weight diet regimen. 

Jumoke Hill's Weight Loss, Workout & Transformation Story

You maybe have seen some of Jumoke's videos on social media detailing his journey from 672.2 pounds. He was inspiring because he was trying to lose weight naturally. 

Hill was 672.2 pounds! He's struggled with his health and weight for the majority of his life. Weighing in at over 600 pounds, Hill decided it was time to make some drastic life changes – so he began going to the gym and working out.

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As Hill began conquering his fears and overcoming the obstacles and challenges he's faced almost all of his existence, he met with waves of encouragement from people all over when he posted his changes online.

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Jumoke down to 600 pounds
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During the weight loss journey, Hill earned thousands of followers on his Facebook page and hundreds of thousands of views on his YouTube channel.

He explained how making simple changes turned his life around like practicing daily healthy habits, cooking for himself and exercising. He expressed he never felt prouder of himself; he felt healthier and more mentally stable than ever before.

jumoke's instagram feed for working out

Jumoke's weight transformation.
Source: Jumoke Hill, Instagram

Hill had already lost 72.5 pounds, but the journey was far from over for him. He said his ultimate goal was to reach the 200-pound range and continue maintaining his fitness regularly. Jumoke was motivated and dedicated to making things work for him. 

On his Youtube channel, he describes it best:

"Throughout my childhood and adult life, I have been overweight, but I never stopped following my dreams! I believe anyone can do anything they put their mind to. Even though I may sometimes fall and stubble, you'll never see me stay down. I always get back up and try again. I hope to one day inspire many around the world to never give up, no matter what! This is me…"

He was all things fitness on his Instagram page, from healthy food to rigorous exercise the entrepreneur was already down over 70 pounds. 

Hill was using the fitness program "Cardioke," a workout program pairing cardiovascular exercises with karaoke singing. Portions of the program are available through cable company Comcast's 'On Demand' programming. 

Explaining his fitness regime, he stated, "I eat five times a day, smaller portions, instead of waiting for (big meals). And I don't eat fast-food. I cook everything," Hill said.

The first four months, his workout routine consisted of walking, lifting weights at home, and cardio exercises in the swimming pool, at home, and the gym, he said.

While searching the ExerciseTV section of his 'On Demand' cable service, he saw the term "Cardioke." He was intrigued. When he thought it might be a fun alternative to the typical workout methods, he decided to give it a try. Hill was instantly hooked.

"I love to sing and dance," he said.

Unfortunately, the singer passed away last month. All his ambition and spirit for life were incomplete. 

How Did Jumoke Hill Die? 

Jumoke Hill died on February 28, 2020, in a car accident. For every start of a journey, there must be an end. Jumoke Hill's journey has sadly come to an end on earth. However, it was too soon for Hill. 

Friends, family, and loved ones are unfortunate and currently grieving as the news of his death was announced.

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Jumoke Hill inspired hundreds with his viral and uplifting story of weight loss. The vocalist, and songwriter, also a YouTube musician with over 3 Million video views and 18K Subscribers, was on a journey to get healthy, live life, follow his dreams & lose weight.

Hill met with an unfortunate car accident, but we don't know how, what and where of the incident as it hasn't been explained. 

Watch: Jumoke's fitness journey

Jumoke was an inspirational man, working to make himself better and inspire other people with his journey. 'Gone too soon' would be the correct phrase to explain his demise; the news disheartens everyone, and we all pray for Hill to Rest in Peace.

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