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Home health Chef Scott Conant Weight Loss - All the Facts Here

Chef Scott Conant Weight Loss - All the Facts Here

Heisenberg Published On Mon Feb 10 2020   Modified On Mon Feb 10 2020
Chef Scott Conant Weight Loss - All the Facts Here

Here are all the details related to the weight loss of the famous American celebrity chef Scott Conant.

Scott Conant is well recognized as the judge of the famous reality cooking competition series like 'Top Chef' and 'Chopped.' He is also a renowned chef and a cookbook writer. The chef owns some of the top-class restaurants like Scarpetta New York, L'Impero, Scarpetta Miami, and Alto. 

Scott Conant is a well-known celebrity chef who worked as a judge in 'Top Chef' and 'Chopped.'

Scott Conant is a famous American celebrity chef and judge of 'Top Chef' and 'Chopped.'
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Scott Conant's restaurants also maintain an excellent reputation as the restaurants L'Impero and Scarpetta New York owned by Scott got Three Stars from The New York Times. His restaurant in Miami, Scarpetta Miami, earned Four Stars from Miami Herald. The restaurant L'Impero owned by Scott was named Best New Restaurant of 2003 from the James Beard Foundation. Scott Conant himself was awarded the title of Best New Chef from Food & Wine Magazine in 2004.

Scott Conant, who is married to Meltem Conant Since 2007, is now an inspiration for all those people out there trying to maintain their body shape. His success in cutting out the excess weight from his body is an encouragement to all those who are struggling with weight loss. So how did Scott Conant go from being an overweight celebrity chef to a fit and handsome man who looks too good for his age. To find out the answer, keep on reading the article.

Scott Conant Weight Loss Journey

Scott Conant dramatically transformed his body by adopting a simple process that is quite easy for anyone to implement in his or her daily life. Scott Conant used this simple technique in which he avoids eating wheat (carbohydrates) to cut down about 30 pounds of unnecessary fat from his body.

Scott Conant reduced his weight by 30 pounds by cutting wheat from his diet.

Scott Conant succeeded in reducing weight by 30 pounds by changing his eating style.
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Scott Conant tells People in an interview about the exclusion of wheat from his diet and how it paid off in his weight loss.

It's ironic because I am a chef who is known for cooking pasta. But I stopped eating wheat on a daily basis. Now I just pretty much do it for work. And I stopped eating GMOs.

The millionaire chef started seeing the fruits of changes to his eating habits sooner than he expected.

"As soon as I stopped eating wheat and GMOs, funny enough, I lost twelve pounds in ten days."

Scott Conant Diet Routine

After the initial phase of his dieting, he began to do intermittent Fasting. Intermittent Fasting is a method that is nowadays popular for weight loss as well as to be in better health. It is a process in which a person fasts for a certain period of time, drinking only water or other liquids but does not intake any solid food. The fasting period typically lasts from 12 hours to 18 hours. Then there is an eating period in the remaining hours when you consume all the food you need for the day. 

Scott Conant did intermittent fasting to help reduce his body weight.

Scott Conant did intermittent fasting to help reduce his body weight.
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Intermittent Fasting, along with the workout routine that Scott Conant incorporated in his daily life, reduced his body weight by 18 pounds.

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Well, Scott Conant looks completely different and much better that he did a few years ago when he was in a bit more obese body shape. Scott's dwell into a healthy new life at the age of 48 is a motivation to many that it is never late to make a change.

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