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Home health Tamela Mann Weight Loss - Did Tamela Mann Have Weight Loss Surgery?

Tamela Mann Weight Loss - Did Tamela Mann Have Weight Loss Surgery?

Alizeh Published On Thu Jan 09 2020   Modified On Thu Jul 28 2022
Tamela Mann Weight Loss - Did Tamela Mann Have Weight Loss Surgery?

Contemporary gospel singer Tamela Mann is known for her strong and powerful soprano singing voice. Mann is a Grammy Award Winner, BET Award winner, Billboard Winner, NAACP Image Winner, Gospel Music Stellar Winner, GMA Dove Winner, actress, songwriter, producer, and businesswoman. She is married to David Mann.

Mann, who enjoys a net worth of $3 million, is known for her talented and robust persona, breaking multiple records and charming audiences with her skills, Mann's remained relevant for all these years. 

Tamela is married

Tamela is married.
Source: Instagram

Recently, fans saw the drastic weight loss in Tamela, but how did she lose all those weights?

Did Tamela Mann Have Weight Loss Surgery?

In the year 2019, many celebrities opted for a healthy life and, as a result, lost weight. From Jessica Simpson to Shannon Beador and now, Tamela Mann, who lost over 50 lbs or 22.6 kg in recent months.

People speculate the singer went through surgery, but her weight loss is all thanks to her fitness regimen and a diet plan from Weight Watchers. 

Watch: Tamela sharing her weight loss story 

In a quest for a healthy life, she chose to join hands with WW, a company that offers various products and services to assist in healthy habits, including weight loss and maintenance with the comprehensive diet program.

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The multimillionaire singer became its ambassador. Now through its diet plan, she has lost subsequent weight. The American Gospel singer and actress Tamela Mann went on to shock her fans with her weight loss journey.

Tamela with Husband Davids

Tamela with Husband Davids.
Source: Instagram

As soon as she signed up as the ambassador for Weight Watchers, she started showcasing her weight loss journey.

Why did Tamela Mann Decide to Lose Weight?

Her unison with WW, Tamela, stated that she decided to join the team because she couldn't lose weight on her own.

Tamela said, "I prayed about it for a minute to make sure that I wanted to make this step." The star told Essence that losing weight was not her only goal. 

Encouraging people like her was also one of her primary goals influencing her decision. 

Tamela is active on Instagram.

Tamela is active on Instagram.
Source: Instagram 

Tamela, in addition to revealing her weight loss and her desires, also told something about her personal life. She divulged that her husband loved her at her heaviest and that he loved her at her smallest.

Tamela Mann's Surgery

Talking about surgery the singer had knee surgery. Just months after the commencement of her weight loss journey, Mann, unfortunately, had to go through a double knee replacement surgery, which meant that she couldn't work out at the gym. 

Tamela Mann as the ambassador of WW.

Tamela Mann as the ambassador of WW.
Source: Instagram

The Grammy Award-winning gospel singer shared a clip of her in a hospital bed, saying, 

Hey everybody, surgery was successful. Thank you for all your prayers. I haven't gotten up and walked yet, but that's coming in about an hour. I love everybody; I thank my family and all you guys' prayers out there and all the calls we got. I appreciate it.

Tamela and her husband

Tamela and her husband. 
Source: hollywoodlife 

"I couldn't have made it without everybody, so thank you so much," she added.

People who have moderate to severe arthritis in both knees may consider getting double knee replacements—replacing both knees during one surgery. The singer shared that they were going to have both knees replaced.

Weight Loss Revelation

The singer, after announcing in April 2019, that she had joined hands with WW and ever since, acted as a brand ambassador, and followed a specific diet regimen and workout routine. 

As she went on with the journey of weight loss, she shared it with her fans through social media. The first-ever time she revealed her weight loss was on April 23, 2019, when she posted that she had already lost 12 lbs or 5.4 kg.

tamela before and after weight loss losing a noticable amount of weight

Tamela Slimmed down 
Source: Concise mag

Just before announcing she had a double knee replacement surgery lined up for her, on June 2, 2019, she disclosed that she was 20 lbs or 9.07 kg lighter.

The Grammy winner's significant weight loss announcement came on September 4, 2019, when she officially declared that she was down 40 lbs.

Watch: Tamela Mann announces her healthy challenge 

Tamela is now officially 50 lbs lighter. She took to her Instagram on the New Year 2020 to share a video of herself where she revealed her weight loss.

The WW ambassador appreciated her family, WW coaches, and, most importantly, her fans' support.

tamela in a grey shirt and pants with her hair up

Tamela in her home 
Source: Soulbounce 

Fans are astonished by her transformation, and her journey also inspires many. Tamela is not only a talented personality but also an inspiration for a lot of people, advocating for better health and body positivity, and we love what she's doing.

I Can Only Imagine Singer Tamela Mann's Weight Loss as of 2022

Talking about Tamela Mann's weight loss, she looks quite fit and healthy as of 2022. One can easily point that out after going through her Instagram pictures. 

According to Heal How, I Can Only Imagine singer successfully dropped down 100 pounds; this means that Tamela is still following her diet and workout plan. 

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