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Home net-worth Is Rob Lowe Rich? What is his Net Worth in 2022? All Details Here

Is Rob Lowe Rich? What is his Net Worth in 2022? All Details Here

rakshya Published On Tue May 24 2022   Modified On Tue May 24 2022
Is Rob Lowe Rich? What is his Net Worth in 2022? All Details Here

Learn All The Details On Rob Lowe's Net Worth With Us!!

Rob Lowe is an American actor, producer, podcaster, director, and writer. Lowe is mostly famous for his performance in The Outsiders and The West Wing.

Lowe is six times Golden Globe-nominated actor and Emmy too for his several acting performances in his entire career. He is a part of many movies, TV shows, and dramas.

Lowe was married to his wife Sheryl Berkoff in 1991. The adorable couple has been together for almost 31 years now. They share two sons John Owen Lowe, born in 1995, and Matthew Edward Lowe, born in 1993.

Rob Lowe's Net Worth- Movies And TV Shows 

Rob Lowe is a multi-millionaire. As per Celebrity Net Worth, Lowe holds an amazing net worth of $100 million in 2022. The actor is a part of more than 60 films and 30 television shows.

Rob Lowe is a multi millionaire.

Rob Lowe is a multi-millionaire.
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Lowe began acting at a very young age. He starred in the television film Thursday's Child in 1983. Lowe received a Golden Globe Nomination Award For Best Supporting Actor in a Series for this film.

Lowe received his breakthrough from the movie The Outsiders starring Emilio EstevezPatrick Swayze, and Tom Cruise, in 1983. The actor again reunited with Emilion for another youth drama, St. Elmo's Fire, in 1985. 

The 58 years old actor earns from multiple sources. Besides all the ups and downs, he kept working through his entire career. 

In 1988, sex tapes were leaked showing Lowe's physical contact with a young girl. It affected him as he was moving high in his career.

Rob Lowe with his wife Sheryl Berkoff.

Rob Lowe with his wife, Sheryl Berkoff.
Image Source: Instagram

Lowe was a part of numerous movies and series such as About Last Night with Demi MooreSquare Dance, and The Three Sisters. From 1999 to 2003, Lowe played in the series The West Wing in the role of Sam Seaborn. He received nominations for two Golden Globe Awards and a Primetime Emmy Award.

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After leaving The West Wing, Lowe appeared in many movies. However, luck didn't favor him as none of his works were a success. The Lyon's Den, Dr. VegasA Few Good MenView From The Top, and Perfect Strangers were some of the flops the actor had to deal with.

“What’s gratifying about West Wing is that everybody told us that it couldn’t be done – that the man or woman on the street didn’t care about politics. But if you set things up correctly, people don’t have a problem with it.” Rob Lowe stated as per Wealthy Genius.

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Besides getting a lot of flops, Lowe continued acting and never gave up. In 2004, he appeared in a mini-series Salem's Lot and Beach Girls in 2005, which again rose him to the top. Afterward, he never had to look back.

5 feet 11 inches tall actor appeared in Parks And RecreationThe GrinderWild BillThe Invention of Lying, and The Bad Seed. The actor also made guest appearances on TV shows like Californication, Franking & BashThe Orville, and, You, Me & The Apocalypse

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In an interview with Variety, Rob revealed how he battled with his addiction to substances. He is now 30 years sober. Rob was once trolled for wearing an NFL logo hat on Twitter in NFL Championship League. Recently, it was revealed that the Austin Powers cast is reuniting with Super Bowl Commercial taking the possibility of a fourth film.

“The only way to stay in recovery is, to be honest with yourself on a minute-by-minute basis. No secrets, no double life. And you have to get real. That’s what acting is all about being real and being honest," Lowe stated. The veteran actor was a good friend of Andy Warhol and shared his memory with Cinema Blend.

The Outsiders Actor Rob Lowe's Other Earnings

Rob Lowe is a writer and a published author. In May 2011, he released his memoir Stories I Only Tell My Friends. Furthermore, Lowe published his second book Love Life in 2014.

Rob Lowe is a published author.

Rob Lowe is a published author.
Image Source: Instagram

The actor has worked as a spokesman for many brands. He also appeared in many advertisements campaigns for DirecTVKFC, and Atkins Nutritionals.

Rob Lowe's Real Estate Details 

Rob Lowe earned a huge sum of money when he and his wife Sheryl Berkoff sold their home for $25 million in Montecito, California, in 2005. In the same year, they bought a 3.4-acre ocean view property. The couple has not disclosed the amount for the property.

Rob Lowe is an established actor.

Rob Lowe is an accomplished actor.
Image Source: Instagram

In 2018, the duo listed their original Montecito home for $47 million. Lowe and his better half spent four years building their house. A year later, the pair reduced the price to $42.5 million. Their home's neighbors included OprahEllen DeGeneres, and Jeff Bridges.

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On October 1, 2020, Lowe and Berkoff finally found a buyer. The private equity tycoon Jack McGinley and his wife Julie bought the house for $45.5 million. Further, McGinley also bought a 10-acre property for $18.9 million just two months before dealing with Lowe.

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After selling their millions of homes, the couple went real estate shopping. Rob and Sheryl paid $3.7 million for a mansion in Beverly Hills, California, on October 30, 2020. Moreover, a month later, in November, they again purchased a house in Montecito for $5.2 million

Likewise, two months later, in December 2020, it was revealed that the Lowe couple yet bought another home in Montecito for $13 million

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