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Sherri Shepherd Net Worth — How She's Been Soaring in Wealth

Bran Published On Sun May 03 2020   Modified On Sun May 03 2020
Sherri Shepherd Net Worth — How She's Been Soaring in Wealth

Sherri Shepherd is a wholesome talent with a resounding success in the fields of comedy, acting, and writing. Let's see how much the Emmy winner's net worth is.

Actress Sherri Shepherd is one of Hollywood's finest actresses as she featured in some top films and television series such as 'Precious,' 'Ride Along 2', and 'The Wedding Bells.' If that wasn't enough, she expanded her portfolio further by participating in the fourteenth season of ABC's 'Dancing With the Stars' in March 2012.

Shepherd was married to her second husband Lamar Sally. However, things between them didn't sustain and they parted ways. 

The Chicago-born artist, who happens to be a two-time divorcee, recently made it to the headlines, since Netflix got the distribution rights of her film, 'A Week Away.' With over two decades into the entertainment industry, Sherri Shepherd not just got accustomed to global fame but also amassed a colossal fortune. So, without wasting much time, let's get into the details of her net worth and source of earnings.

Sherri Shepherd: Multi-Millionaire By Net Worth — The Salary

When it comes to earnings, Sherri Shepherd amassed quite some fortunes to earn herself the tag of a 'multimillionaire.' Specifically, she accumulates a staggering net worth of $10 million as of 2020, which is subject to rising as she has a few projects lined up shortly.

Actress Sherri Shepherd in a brown dress poses for a picture.

Actress Sherri Shepherd amasses a net worth of $10 million as of April 2020.
Photo Source: Sherri Shepherd Instagram

With the amount of expertise and experience by her side, Shepherd makes far more than $56,980, the average salary of an actress. While the primary source of her career is undoubtedly acting in movies and television, she enjoyed moderate success in writing and other business ventures. According to some reports, she makes an annual salary of $1.5 million, which is quite big enough to live a lavishing life forever.

As Shepherd participated in 'Dancing with the Stars' in 2012, alongside partner Val Chmerkovskiy, she got a guaranteed sum of $125,000 in the rehearsal period. As the pair went up to the fourth week, Sherri took further paychecks as bonuses. Besides, Sherri is best known for her role of a co-host in 'The View' from 2007 to 2014. Although she was offered at a lower salary than her initial expectations, fellow artist Rosie O'Donnell, who left the show before, helped her negotiate her way to a substantial amount.

Previously, the showrunners paid her rent - worth $85,000 in the first year, and following the negotiations, it helped her get eight first-class tickets to Los Angeles to visit her son on the weekends besides a steady pay rise.

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The television star also featured on a few blockbusters in Hollywood, including the comedy film, 'Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.' Since it was an animated film, she contributed with her voice to the character of 'Florrie'. Surprisingly, the movie bagged $609.9 million in the global box office, which provided to a large extent in the earnings of Sherri as a bonus and incentive for her over-the-top performance. Similarly, her appearances in films like 'Jean of the Joneses' and 'Precious' were equally good, which got her several award nominations.

Sherri Shepherd in a blue jeans jacket poses in front of her Lexus.

Actress Sherri Shepherd is a two-time divorcee.
Photo Source: Instagram

Shepherd has a decorated resume when it comes to the television appearances and movies she featured in. In fact, she had a show named after her, called 'Sherri' in 2009, prior to appearing in 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire', and 'WWE Raw & Smackdown'.

Furthermore, she also hosted the game show, 'Newlywed Game' for 195 episodes and appeared with guest roles in famous sitcoms like 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S.' and 'How I Met Your Mother?' One of her latest appearances came in 2019 as she voiced a Judge in 'Rick and Morty.'

Sherri Shepherd: Into Philanthropy and Charity

While Sherri might possess millions in her bank balance, she also believes in the thought of giving back to society. The filmstar demonstrated her generosity in 2011, as she offered to pay six months' rent and utilities of former 'American Gladiators' star, Debbie Clark, who became homeless. 

Sherri Shepherd in a blue top poses a picture.

Sherri Shepherd featured in Netflix's 'A Week Away' and the animated film, 'Madagascar: Escape to Africa.'
Photo Source: Sherri Shepherd Instagram

Similarly, Sherri even established her own charitable foundation called, YAI Sherri Shepherd 'Believe in Abilities' Fund. It helps people of all age groups with intellectual and developmental disabilities to achieve the fullest life possible by creating new opportunities to live, work, and learn. Moreover, the non-profit organization comprises a network of agencies that design several programs to empower and enhance the lives of many differently-abled people.

Sherri Shepherd's Other Ventures

Unlike most of the celebrities, 'The View' host Sherri Shepherd didn't limit herself to television only. The diva put her hands into writing as she wrote a book named 'Permission Slips: Every Woman's Guide to Giving Herself a Break' on October 9. Likewise, the success of the debut tempted her to continue her journey as she contributed on 'Plan D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes' priced at $20.99 in 2013, putting her own weight loss experience in words. 

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Shepherd went down the extra mile in 2015, as she ran her own entrepreneurial venture. The megastar initiated a brand new project which comprised of a unique line of wigs and hair add-ons. While the earnings couldn't replicate her film salaries, it was undoubtedly an excellent contribution to her enormous net worth.

Sherri Shepherd Sold a House After Divorce

Television star Sherri Shepherd broke the headlines in July 2014 when she decided to put her dream house in Waldwick, New Jersey, on the market after the divorce with ex-husband Lamar Sally. Even though she bought the house in 2012 for a whopping $1.725 million, when everything seemed quite alright and blooming, things turned sour pretty soon. 

Sherri Shepherd's sold house at Sherman Oaks.

Sherri Shepherd sold her house with Lamar Sally for $1.725 million.
Photo Source: AOL

Sherri, who went through a lengthy court process following her split with Sally, offered to pay a $100,000 divorce settlement and child support of $3000. However, her ex-husband declined the latter offer and demanded $10,000, which wasn't pleasing for the actress as well. As things didn't end well with her then-husband, Shepherd sold the mansion-like house for $1.725 million, maybe because she didn't want to live with all the memories they shared in the house.

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Divorces have been recurring in the life of Sherri, which resulted in her relocating several times. Interestingly, as her first marriage with Jeff Tarpley broke up as well, she moved out of her house at Sherman Oaks, California, selling it for $455,000, despite listing it at $535,000.

Sherri Shepherd Owns a Lexus Car

When it comes to living life with style, Sherri Shepherd does it correctly. Besides living in lavish houses, the Emmy-winner also drives a luxury Lexus car. While her car collection isn't revealed yet, she gave a look at her fancy car via an Instagram post earlier on.

Sherri Shepherd poses for a picture in front of her car.

Sherri Shepherd's film, 'A Week Away' was recently taken by Netflix.
Photo Source: Sherri Shepherd Instagram

The mother-of-two purchased the stylish white SUV within a price range of $25,476 to $41,020. In one of her stories, she even showed how she took her pet dog named Lexi on a ride.

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