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Vince Gilligan Admits Peter Gould Should Receive All the Credit for ‘Better Call Saul’

BK Published On Tue Mar 31 2020   Modified On Thu Apr 02 2020
Vince Gilligan Admits Peter Gould Should Receive All the Credit for ‘Better Call Saul’

Vince Gilligan says Peter Gould should receive appreciation for the brilliance of Better Call Saul.

Vince Gilligan couldn’t be a more familiar name for 'Breaking Bad' fans all around the world. The man is well-renowned as the creative genius behind arguably the greatest masterpiece in television history.

Upon winning the Emmy award in 2011, Gilligan explained his idea for the series, stating, “You take Mr. Chips and turn him into Scarface.”

The Breaking Bad creator undisputedly deserves all the credit coming his way. However, he admits he’s got little to do with the spin-off show 'Better Call Saul.' Gilligan says without hesitation, the entire brilliance is coming from the fellow showrunner Peter Gould.

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Both Gilligan and Gould are credited as showrunners on the AMC drama based around the life of one of the most iconic characters from the Breaking Bad Universe, 'Saul Goodman.' However, during an interview on The Rich Eisen Show, Gilligan revealed he had little to no involvement on 'Better Call Saul.'

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The 53-year-old producer admitted he had been lucky to direct merely an episode of Better Call Saul season 5. When asked about his involvement in the show, Gilligan said:

Very little. I mean, I directed the one episode, but I’m kind of just a director for hire. They gave me the script, and I read it, and I said this is awesome and I figured out how to shoot it.

The producer added,

That show is in really rock-solid hands. It’s being run by Peter Gould… Peter and the writers are doing a tremendous job; the show just gets better and better without me.

It’s worth nothing Gilligan was more involved in the earlier seasons, but the credit for all the recent plaudits the show’s been receiving must go to Peter Gould.

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Vince Gilligan, additionally, admitted he’s unaware how Better Call Saul will end since “Peter’s kind of coy with me.” He explained Gould does seek ideas from him, but he’s been keeping some of the creative concepts to himself.

There you go, folks! While Vince Gilligan takes the backseat for this one, Peter Gould is, in fact, the underrated genius behind the masterpiece Better Call Saul is turning into.

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