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ABC's The Celebrity Dating Game: Who Did Iggy Azalea Pick?

Parker Published On Tue Jun 22 2021   Modified On Tue Jun 22 2021
ABC's The Celebrity Dating Game: Who Did Iggy Azalea Pick?

The Australian Rapper Iggy Azalea Selected Stage Manager Shaughn Adamski in ABC's The Celebrity Dating Game.

ABC knows what fans want, and a romance show like The Celebrity Dating Game is the perfect follow-up to a night of chaos. The celebrity-infused popular dating game recently premiered on June 14, and it did not disappoint the fans. The Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is one of the celebrities to take part in the show.

On Wednesday night's episode of ABC's The Celebrity Dating Game, Iggy made a difficult decision of selecting one to date from three single mystery men. She thoroughly interrogated three gentlemen before narrowing it down and selecting one of them.

In the ABC's The Celebrity Dating Game, Iggy made a difficult decision of selecting one to date from three single mystery men is Shaughn Adamski.

Iggy Azalea selected Shaughn Adamski in The Celebrity Dating Game.
Photo Source: Newsweek

In an episode, Ru Paul's Drag Race judge Carson Kressley was also featured along with hosts Zoey Deschanel and Michael Bolton assisted her in making her decision and offered musical entertainment.

Since Azalea stated on her Instagram last October that she is parenting her baby alone and is not in a relationship, Iggy seems to be single. Therefore, her fans were excited to know whom she will choose and date.

This season's version of the game shows features of a slew of celebrities, including Azalea. Each episode celebrity is in the hot seat, who grills three contestants, who are kept in the dark about the renowned person's identity. Meanwhile, the star gets to choose which of the three suitors they want to go out on a date.

Iggy stated before the show that she is seeking a companion that is easygoing and spontaneous. The three guys aiming to check those boxes were Shaughn Adamski, EKG technician Korey Davis, and voiceover artist Eddie Williams.

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After Azalea posed a series of questions to them, including how they felt about dating someone much more famous than them, their thoughts on tattoos, and whether they believe in marriage, she came to making her final decision. She chose to go out on a date with contestant number one, stage manager Shaughn Adamski.

The Celebrity Dating Game contestant Adamski is a Los Angeles resident. He currently works as the stage manager for Lizzo. He has been working with the Truth Hurts singer since 2019. 

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