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Chris Pratt's Former Wife Anna Faris - Top 5 Facts about the 'Mom' Actress

Alizeh Published On Tue Mar 10 2020   Modified On Tue Mar 10 2020
Chris Pratt's Former Wife Anna Faris - Top 5 Facts about the 'Mom' Actress

42-year old Anna Faris is a well-known actor with her fantastic performance. Faris is mainly recognized as a comedic performer for her appearances in numerous comedy films throughout her career.

Recently, the actor split up with his husband Chris Pratt, sending shock waves throughout Hollywood. The two actors seemed perfect for each other! But the fairy-tale romance ended when they separated in December 2017 and divorced in October 2018.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris at an event.

They were Couple Goals for nine years before heartbreakingly splitting up in 2017.
Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Post the separation with husband Pratt, Faris is not doing not so good with both her mental and physical health. An inside source says how she's been drinking a lot these days, especially after her husband got married to Katherine Schwarzenegger

Let's look into some of the unknown facts about Anna; you probably didn't know.

5. She Was That Nerdy Kid in School 

Anna Faris describes herself as a major nerd. Sporting glasses, strange clothing, and weird hairdos, Faris was far away from being glamorous in high school. 

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She may have played the smokin' hot Playboy model in 'The House Bunny,' but back when she was in high school, she would've been bullied heavily. Luckily, nothing of the sort happened, not that she's shared it either.

baby anna with a bob cut ruffled shirt with pink suspanders

Anna Faris as a child.
Source: Mir Faces

Sporting glasses, strange clothing, and weird hairdos were her thing back in the days. Things have changed a lot for Faris since then; she's made up for it now because she's gorgeous, glamorous, and certainly one of the hot celebs in town. And she's upped her fashion game since school days. 

4. Faris Was 'Too Funny' for a Role 

Anna was known to be one of the comedy queens in Hollywood; she rose to fame with her comic roles. However, she was deemed to be 'too funny' for a role in a movie.

Anna holding a phone with an awed look

Anna Faris in 'Scary Movie'.
Source: Screen Crush

When Anna Faris auditioned for the role of 'Claire' in 'Six Feet Under,' the creator, Alan Ball, kept laughing throughout the audition. Faris wasn't even trying to be funny, but Ball couldn't hold back the laughter. 

That's why the role went to Lauren Ambrose because Anna Faris wasn't the right fit for the role because she was just "too funny."

3. Comic Queen

During her career, Faris's been highly appreciated for her comedic performances and has been called one of the "most talented comic actresses" of her generation by several publications. 

anna in a purple dress on the cover of cosmopolitan magazine

Anna Faris for Cosmopolitan.
Source: Pinterest 

Cosmopolitan magazine named her "The Cosmo's Fun Fearless Female of the Year" in 2010, and Tad Friend described her in The New Yorker as "Hollywood's most original comic actress."

2. She appreciates Truck Drivers

Yes, you heard that right, Anna appreciates truck drivers. Faris is known to be very down to earth and humble, and she appreciates little things in life. It is unusual for such a huge celebrity to enjoy little things that people do. 

anna getting out of her car wearing ruffled skirt and black tank top

Anna Faris's appreciation for Truck drivers is too real. 
Source: Daily Mail 

Whenever she sees the sign "How's My Driving" on the back of a truck, she has a cute little habit of calling the 1-800 numbers to put in a right word for truckers. Adorable. Those truck drivers didn't even know it, but they received a five-star rating from none other than Anna Faris herself.

1. She Didn't Plan to Be an Actress but a Writer

It's astonishing to know that such an appreciated actress didn't want to be an actress before. Despite her love for acting, Faris admitted she "never really thought she wanted to become a movie star" and continued to act "just to make some extra money," hoping one day to publish a novel.

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She got a job as a receptionist in the UK, but Faris decided to move to LA, which spiraled into her being a celebrated actor in Hollywood. Well, it turned out very well for her. 

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