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'Friends' Cast James Michael Tyler Battling Stage 4 Cancer

bbk Published On Tue Jun 22 2021   Modified On Tue Jun 22 2021
'Friends' Cast James Michael Tyler Battling Stage 4 Cancer

James Michael Tyler Renowned For Playing Gunther in The Sitcom Friends Discloses Battling with Fourth Stage Cancer.

Friends' actor James Michel Tyler revealed that he has been battling fourth-stage prostate cancer for a long time. The 59-year-old actor found about his health issue three years ago during his routine check-up. The medical personals had also suggested Tyler have PSA tests.

Tyler's doctor rang him and asked him to visit them immediately as they suspected something profound in his prostate. After some tests, the medical staff confirmed that it was prostate cancer. Tyler has said that the cancer is due to genetic problems and not affected by environmental factors.

James Michel Tyler after completing Chemo.

James Michel Tyler after completing Chemo.
Photo Source: Instagram

According to CNN, the actor was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, which later transferred to his bones. On the “Today” show Monday, Tyler said it was late-stage fourth cancer, and you know it would probably grab me.

“I missed the appointments and stopped going for tests. Due to this the cancer decided to mutate during Pandemic and it Progressed”, Tyler added.

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Tyler played the role of Gunther in Friends for ten years. Recently, there was a cast reunion of the show, but he could not attend the program in person. Though he hadn't shared the problem with the public, he finally decided to disclose the information after three years.

Friends' fans are showing love and praying for Tyler all over social media. We hope he wins the battle against cancer and recovers soon.

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