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Home lifestyle Gianna Santos — 5 Facts to Know about Jonah Hill's Fiancée

Gianna Santos — 5 Facts to Know about Jonah Hill's Fiancée

Alizeh Published On Mon May 04 2020   Modified On Mon May 04 2020
Gianna Santos — 5 Facts to Know about Jonah Hill's Fiancée

Everyone remembers the movie 'Wolf of Wall Street', one of the greatest of our time. Actor, director, producer, and comedian Jonah Hill was a part of the movie for which he received Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Hills is one of the highest-paid and widely known actors in Hollywood, even though he agreed on minimum wage for that role in 'Wolf of Wall Street'.

gianna's selfie in her kitches wearing a sweatshit and no makeup

Who is Gianna Santos?
Source: Instagram 

In 2019 Jonah got engaged to his girlfriend, Gianna Santos. The pair's been dating for over the years, Santos is a content manager for beauty brand 'Violet Grey'. Here are some lesser-known facts about Gianna you probably didn't know.

5. Gianna Is a Photographer 

Gianna, having worked with multiple people in the fashion industry, might have picked up skills along the process. The manager is an excellent photographer, capturing moments in all the places that she visits, as seen in one of her blogs.

gianna's minimalist theme photography of two women in a bathroom

Gianna's Photography.
Source: Instagram 

Each blog post has a different picture, with one of them showing a younger and older woman in a restroom. With her love for minimalism and styling skills, Gianna assigns each photo a unique theme in the blog, which is aesthetically pleasing to see.

4. Gianna Worked on a Project with Her Fiancé

Jonah Hill directed a music video for Vampire Weekend's 'Sunflower' in 2019.

gianna with her hands around jonah's neck

Jonah and Gianna
Source: TV trend now 

The music video was directed during her time as a Head Stylist and Producer at KITH, so she may have been responsible for styling the band and possibly Jerry Seinfeld.

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He makes a brief appearance at the end of the video. Santos has listed the music video in her portfolio as a project she worked on.

3. Gianna Worked with Many Big Fashion Companies

According to her portfolio, Santos has worked with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. As we can see on her Instagram feed, KITH makes up a good portion of her showcased work.

However, she also worked with major shoe brands Nike, Adidas, Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, and Converse. She also worked with Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto's brand Y-3 and women's activewear company Bandier.

Her portfolio also includes a list of photoshoots that shows her styling and photography work with each of the brands. Most of her work seems to come from her being an E-commerce Stylist for Jackthreads and Head Stylist/Producer at KITH.

2. She Is a Minimalist 

Gianna is a firm believer of ''Less is more''; like most of the fashionistas today. As a result, Santos tries to keep her styling to the minimal.

gianna wearing white top and sweats

Gianna's a minimalist aesthetic.
Source: Instagram 

The minimalism is highly reflected on her website and work as well, which is very clean and vintage looking.

Gianna's site features her styling and photography, which is very minimal following different themes and ideas. Her work is very aesthetically pleasing to look at; it especially fits the current trend and people's interests, which is simple, clean, and unique. Gianna appeals to her audience by not going overboard in her styles.

1. Gianna Maintains a Private Life 

Since she is now associated with one of the most popular faces in Hollywood, people are bound to search for her. Before Jonah's mother Sharon Lyn Chalkin publicly posted a family picture with Gianna, she had her Instagram on private. Santos only recently made her social media public.

gianna's instagram post about her work and friends

Gianna's Instagram feed.
Source: Instagram

If your look at her feed it is mostly filled with her work shoots, her photography work along with her friends and family. 

Watch: Jonah and Gianna's - Project Vampire Weekends 'Sunflower'

Gianna doesn't post every little detail about her life; if you look at her social media, you can know very little about her life as she keeps it very low-key and private.

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