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Home health Jaclyn Hill Plastic Surgery - All Facts Here

Jaclyn Hill Plastic Surgery - All Facts Here

bbk Published On Sat Aug 07 2021   Modified On Tue Jun 07 2022
Jaclyn Hill Plastic Surgery - All Facts Here

Learn All The Details Of Jaclyn Hill's Plastic Surgery and Facial Transformations Here!

Jaclyn Hill is one of the most famous make-up tutorial video creators, entrepreneurs, and social media personalities. The make-up artist is the owner of the brand Jaclyn Cosmetics which provides beauty accessories.

The cosmetic entrepreneur has a net worth of $2 million. Jaclyn makes around $300,000 each year through YouTube and asks $10,000 for a single Instagram post. The social media personality also makes a handsome amount through her online store.

Millions of people who follow Jaclyn on different platforms might be interested in grabbing the details of her private life. More than that, there might be many who want to know about her cosmetic surgery and facial transformations. So, let's delve into that information here.

Has Jaclyn Hill Done Plastic Surgery?

Well, there are a lot of rumors that Jaclyn Hill has gone under the knife. Do you think the gossip is true and the internet star did cosmetic surgery to enhance her beauty?

Jaclyn Hill had lips and nose filling.

Jaclyn Hill had lips and nose filling.
Photo Source: Instagram

The answer is yes, Hill did work on some of her facial parts, and the entrepreneur never hesitates to share that she has gone under surgery to make a change on her face. Though, there are no significant changes on her face through minor surgery.

What Changes Has Jaclyn Hill Made On Her Face?

The internet sensation feels that the big lips look prettier and will help her look more attractive. So, Jaclyn Hill thought to increase her lips size to look more prominent and beautiful, which led her to have lip fillers.

Jaclyn Hill before and after lips and nose filling.

Jaclyn Hill before and after lips and nose filling.
Photo Source: PopBuzz

In addition to the lips filler, Jaclyn also did a nose filling. The YouTuber has admitted on one of her tweets regarding her nose and lips fillers. The sole aim of using the filler was to make her face look more attractive.

Jaclyn Hill Gained 20 lbs in Two Months

The beauty vlogger gained more than 20 pounds in less than two months. Jaclyn Hill disclosed that her pants size increased by two. 

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The internet personality wrote on Instagram, "my face is bigger, my arms are bigger, my entire body is bigger. But you'll just have to deal with it, cause this is me." Further, Jaclyn also mentioned how much her boyfriend Jordan Farnum still loves her and tells her how beautiful she is every single day.

The beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill  had gained more than 20 pounds in less than two months.

Jaclyn and her boyfriend, Jordan Farnum.
Photo Source: Instagram 

Jaclyn faced controversies due to her weight gain. The trollers brought her photos and said the YouTuber looked different than the time she started her career. After the beauty vlogger had to face body shaming, she tweeted to stop criticizing people based on their looks.

Talking about Jaclyn's venture, she started her online shopping brand Jaclyn Cosmetics. But the startup didn't have as good earnings as expected, and she had to face many controversies. Some of the users disclosed having mild e Gallery on products, and some even reported that they found hair on the lipstick, after which she started taking more alcohol. According to E-News, the beauty vlogger said I turned to alcohol and started drinking to fix my mental state.

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