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Jamie Foxx's Wife in 2021? Is He Even Married?

bbk Published On Tue Jul 27 2021   Modified On Tue Jul 27 2021
Jamie Foxx's Wife in 2021? Is He Even Married?

Learn All The Details Of Jamie Foxx's Wife and Married Life Here!!!

Jamie Foxx, whose real name is Eric Marlon Bishop, is an American singer, actor, voice artist, comedian, producer, director. He comes under the list of the few who won both Grammy and the Oscars.

The Oscar-winning actor is a multi-millionaire and is one of the highest-paid actors in the industry. According to reliable reports, Jamie charges around $10 million for a single movie. 

Though most part of Jamie's life is like an open book, some are confused about his love life. Many might want to know whether he is married or not and might also want to grab details on his dating history, so here we are with this article. Keep reading to learn everything the internet has on Jamie's romantic relationship. 

Is Jamie Foxx Married? Who is His Wife?

What do you think is the Golden Globe's winning actor Jamie Foxx married in 2021? Well, he is not; however, this does not mean he is single. 

Jamie Foxx is still unmarried in 2021.

Jamie Foxx is not married in 2021.
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As per credible sources, Foxx might be dating model Dana Caprio. They met through a common friend, as noted by Distractify. However, it is unknown at the moment whether or not they are still together. 

Besides Caprio, Foxx was romantically linked with the American actress and model Sela Vave. The duo was spotted in a nightclub then fans found that Jamie had broken with Katie a few months ago. But the actor defended, saying, "She's been brought into the family, she works hard and she's a beautiful singer," as mentioned in People.

All About Jamie Foxx's Previous Relationships!

Jamie Foxx, who enjoys a net worth of $150 million, previously dated American actress, model, and television personality Katie Holmes. According to reports, the couple began dating in August 2014. They were seen in a different function and awards show together; however, after six years of a long relationship, the couple split. 

Jamie Foxx with Katie Holmes.

Jamie Foxx dated Katie Holmes.
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Jamie was rumored dating Cristy Rice back in 2013. There is no additional information about their relationship; further, none of them spoke anything on this topic, which led the speculations to fade away. But they were often spotted together, and fans made speculations that the stars were a thing.

Before dating Cristy, Jamie was with Stacey Dash in 2010. Professionally, Dash is an American actress and television personality. Their togetherness only survived for a year, and the reason is still unknown. Similarly, Foxx also dated the Australian model and Dj Sky Nellor back in 2009. 

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The singer also dated Dollicia Bryan and adult model Nikki Giavasis in the same year. It seems none of those relationships went well as it only lasted for a short period.

Jamie has a daughter with his girlfriend, Kristin Grannis. The duo was dating in 2009, and Kristin got pregnant. They named their baby girl Annalise Bishop. As of now, the pair is not together.

Jamie Foxx's Girlfriends Before 2008

Jamie's girlfriend's list doesn't end here. Before dating all the actors and models mentioned above, he shared a bond with Ashley Scott, an American model, actress, and voice artist. The pair was together in 2008.

Rapper and music artist Lil' Kim was also one of Jamie's girlfriends. According to reports, they were together for more than a year. The duo started their relationship in 2007 and ended in 2008.

Jamie Foxx also dated Fantasia Barrino

Jamie Foxx also dated Fantasia Barrino.
Photo Source: Instagram

The viewers of American Idol must remember the show's winner, Fantasia Barrino. Well, Barrino and Jammie were a thing back in 2006. They even shared an onstage kiss at BET Awards.

American actress, fashion model, and television personality Eva Marcille was also the one who dated Foxx. According to reports, the partner started their romantic journey in June of 2006. They were often seen together in public and awards shows. But after three months, the couple decided to end their love life in June 2006.

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The singer has also dated American singer and actress Christina Milian. The couple started seeing in August 2005. Unfortunately, the relationship lasted for just three months thus, ended in December 2005.

Before dating Milian, Jamie was with Leila Arcieri. Miss San Francisco 1997 and Jamie were a thing from June 2004 to July 2005. Before that, the Grammy award-winning singer was reported dating Iliana Fischer back in 2002. None confirmed the gossip, and it faded away after some time.

Jamie Foxx last known romantic relationship was with Connie Kline.

Jamie Foxx last known romantic relationship was with Connie Kline.
Photo Source: Instagram

The last known relationship of Jamie is with Connie Kline. The partners were together in January 1993. As the actors were sharing a bond, Kline got pregnant. Though they ended the relationship in June, the duo was blessed with a baby girl. They named their daughterCorinne Foxx.

Though the actor might have few other relationships in the past, he has not shared any information. But there is an exciting story of how Jamie went into comedy. The comedian-actor was on a date, and his girlfriend dared him to tell jokes in Comedy Club's open mic during the late 1980s, which he accepted, and the rest is history. 

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