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Kimbella Matos and Samuel Safaree Relationship Details: Creating Fake Chaos

terry Published On Tue Jun 13 2023   Modified On Tue Jun 13 2023
Kimbella Matos and Samuel Safaree Relationship Details: Creating Fake Chaos

Kimbella Matos and Samuel Safaree are trending on Twitter and everywhere because of their new private video leaked. They continue to claim that they are not in a relationship but this video says otherwise. 

After this new development, Safaree's former mother of his baby's wife Erica Mena started throwing sarcastic statements on her social media and calling out names. 

Safaree Kissing Matos

Safaree and Matos were seen publicly walking together and holding hands. Not only that, they were later recorded kissing each other in broad daylight. 

Interestingly, when this happened, Safaree was still married to Erica Mena. And before they were kissing, Samuel was indicating that he wasn't happy with his marriage. 

Kimbella Matos Kissing Samuel Safaree.

Also, Matos was the one who initiated the kiss. 

Matos Believed to be The Reason For Mena-Safaree Divorce

Kimbella Matos was believed to be the main reason for the divorce of Erica Mena and Samuel Safaree. Fans speculated as much because Samuel was clearly cheating Mena with Matos. 

Samuel Safaree and former wife Erica Mena.

Also, before their divorce, Mena was constantly accusing Safaree of cheating on her with other girls. Unfortunately, they ended in divorce after having two children. 

Safaree Denying Relationship With Matos

Even With all the evidence of them clearly being romantic with each other, Safaree was always denying there was anything between him and Matos. He was clearly lying! 

When Samuel Safaree was confronted with the leaked kissing video, he defended himself saying that it was seven months ago and called Matos just a lady friend. 

Kimbella Matos has not opened up about her relationship with Safaree.

Safaree added that Matos was a hard-working girl and independent so he has respect for her. 

Intimate Video Leaked

In 2022, the intimate video of Kimbella Matos and Samuel Safaree leaked online and got viral on Reddit too. 

Samuel Safaree and Kimbella Matos' Intimate Video was leaked online.

Instagram hottie Matos kept her mouth shut regarding the incident but Safaree vowed to punish whoever was behind leaking their video. 

This incident shows that they are together. 

Mena Called Safaree Fool

After Safaree promised to take action against whoever leaked the video, Erica Mena used her social media handle to call her ex-husband a fool and fake. 

She indicated that Safaree was the one who deliberately leaked the video. And this might be true because in 2018, when he was dating Nicki Minaj, he went to Twitter to and publicly online-delivered his package if you know what it means.

Mena also insisted that Matos was in it too and called her paid sex worker. She also said that Safaree should focus on paying child support to their kids.

Matos and Mena

While Kimbella Matos loves to flaunt her body in bikinis all over her Instagram, Mena believes all this stuff is fake and to attract potential money-maker.

Kimbella Matos Loves to show her Body.

Also, Matos clearly loves to flaunt her body which she made by doing multiple plastic surgeries to not be the victim of body shaming in the industry. 

Safaree and Matos Clearly Dating

Despite all these controversies and scandals, there is no news regarding the split between Samuel Safaree and Kimbella Matos. 

Safaree is fast to react to the media if they were apart but they are clearly still dating.

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