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Home news Meet Kimbella Matos: Controversial Yet Strong to The Core | Facts and Photos

Meet Kimbella Matos: Controversial Yet Strong to The Core | Facts and Photos

terry Published On Sun Jun 11 2023   Modified On Wed Jun 14 2023
Meet Kimbella Matos: Controversial Yet Strong to The Core | Facts and Photos

Kimbella Matos is a popular Instagram model and influencer who has gained a significant following on the platform, with over 850,000 followers. 

Known for her racy photos, she has established herself as a prominent figure on online platforms. In addition to her Instagram presence, Kimbella has also appeared in the music video for the song "Nude" by artist Moriece.

Dating Samuel Safaree

Kimbella Matos and Samuel Safaree have definitely something going on. In 2022, year while Safaree was still married to Erica Mena, was caught kissing and holding hands with Matos.

Many believe that Matos was the reason that Safaaree and Samuel were divorced. While Safaree denies that Kimbella has nothing to do with his divorce from his former wife and baby's mother it is hard to believe. 

Kimbella Matos and Samuel Safaree Kissing.

Samuel has, on multiple occasions hinted that Matos is his good lady friend. 

Feud With Erica Mena

After Matos' relationship with Safaree, she and Mena have been constantly throwing slurs and blaming each other for being bad women. 

On one occasion they called each other prostitutes without indicating their name but it was clear that they were indicating each other.

Net Worth

Kimbella Matos has a net worth of $550,000, more of which is generated from the reality show Love & Hip Hop New York. 

Her other source of income is brand endorsement and she is an official brand ambassador of FashionNove.

Plastic Surgery for Desired Body

Kimbella Matos has been open about her plastic surgery to look forever beautiful and to keep up with the industry's beauty standards. She said that body shaming is too common in Hollywood and she wants to maintain the standard.

Kimbella Matos has confessed doing plastic surgery.

Matos has confirmed to have done Brazilian buttocks lifting, liposuction, and breast augmentation.

Feud with Kimbella Vanderhee

Love & Hip Hop Alumni Kimbella Vanderhee called out Kimbella Matos for stealing her name. 

Vanderhee told that Kimbella was the name she invented and it's too good that Matos stole it. In response, Matos said that neither the name Kim nor Bella is hers to keep it.

Too Much to Handle Instagram

Kimbella's Instagram photos are too hot to handle for her fans. She shares exclusive content which shows her fitness level and a body to die for. 

You Will Never Find Lame Post in Kimbella Matos' Social Media.

Most of her pictures are in bikinis or swimwear.

Travel and Fitness

Matos is passionate about fitness and often shares gym selfies and fitness-related content with her followers. Kimbella enjoys traveling and in 2019, she went on a vacation to Jamaica.

Worked as a Dancer

Before rising to fame as an influencer, Kimbella worked as a nightclub dancer at Aces New York venue.

Active in Events

Regarding associations, Kimbella Matos appeared at an event featuring DJ Self in 2018, indicating her involvement with the music and entertainment industry.

Social Media

On social media platforms, Kimbella can be found on Instagram under the username kimbellamatos, where she shares her exclusive content and engages with her fanbase. 

She is also active on TikTok, where she posts short dance videos on her popular channel, realkimbellamatos.

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