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Home news Matthew McConaughey Goes Ice Fishing in the New Advert for Lincoln Aviator

Matthew McConaughey Goes Ice Fishing in the New Advert for Lincoln Aviator

BK Published On Sun Dec 29 2019   Modified On Mon Dec 30 2019
Matthew McConaughey Goes Ice Fishing in the New Advert for Lincoln Aviator

Matthew McConaughey goes on an ice fishing adventure in the brand new ad for Lincoln Aviator.

To suggest Matthew McConaughey’s inclusion as a spokesperson for Lincoln is bringing positive impressions towards the motor company would be a massive understatement. The rise in sales may or may not be the direct result of the attribution of the Hollywood star; however, one thing’s for certain – all these unique commercials that the actor’s been part of is definitely managing to get the fans talking.

The most recent Lincoln ad features McConaughey driving the all-new 2020 Lincoln Aviator, and he couldn’t look classier. Of course, this isn’t the first time Matthew starred in an advert for Lincoln. However, one could argue the actor looks as elegant as he did on his debut commercial for the motor company.

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In the advert, the actor puts on gloves and begins to crack up the heat for all three rows of his Lincoln Aviator. He then heads outside of his car and creates a fishing hole down the ice. Matthew goes back to the car as he mutters, “Betas jiggin’ in a shanty.” The clip concludes with McConaughney relaxing in the warmth of his car as he whistles a recognized tune whilst sketching on his journal.

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Fans were subsequently quick to provide their inputs. One said, "This doesn’t feel like an ad, this is just Matthew enjoying life."

Another added, "I always ignore ads. But this one is really catchy......"

The third claimed, "The First Ad I’ve Seen That Makes Me Want To Buy Whats In The Ad..."

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The ad was directed by Lance Acord, best known for the romantic comedy-drama 'Lost in Translation' (2003). In addition, the cinematography was performed by award-winning, multidisciplinary creative agency Hudson Rouge. The clip essentially displays the strange personality of McConaughey in the presence of the Aviator.

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The Lincoln marketing communications manager, Eric Peterson, says:

This piece is all about telling a story of how Lincoln’s approach to its clients and its vehicles is different. It’s clear that no matter the activity or the environment, Aviator provides a serene sanctuary with luxurious amenities, intuitive technology, and the versatility of its three rows of seats.

Jon Pearce, global chief creative officer, adds – “There’s definitely a feeling of serenity, of introspection. Matthew is in his happy place. He’s doing what he wants to do, where he wants to do it - not only ice fishing but in this beautiful, luxury SUV.”

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The Lincoln Aviator symbolizes the lifestyle of being at ease, about being your best self and finding your own piece of sanctuary in a stressful world.

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