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Why Did Renee Zellweger Take Six-Year Break From Acting?

BK Published On Wed Jan 01 2020   Modified On Sat Jan 25 2020
Why Did Renee Zellweger Take Six-Year Break From Acting?

Learn the reason Renee Zellweger took six-year break from acting.

The Academy Awards winner Renne Zellweger took a break from Hollywood back in 2010. Now the actress finally reveals the reason she decided to do so.

Zellweger believes she was ‘exhausted’ and ‘needed to try other things.’ Moreover, the actress felt drained, and subsequently carried the urge to recharge her batteries while she perceives life in a different light.

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Speaking of her decision to take a hiatus, Zellweger said:

The schedule had caught up to me, and I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was really exhausted and making choices that weren’t necessarily healthy. I needed to step away from all the things that I felt.

The actress with a surprising career choice prior to acting added, she needed to try other things that she failed to fit alongside her Hollywood schedule. Although it’s not wise to step away from several incredible creative opportunities, Renee reckons sometimes you gotta let go to grow and challenge yourself outside your comfort zone.

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Renee wanted a life outside the glamour of Hollywood and live like a normal person for a bit. “(I wanted) a purpose and live a little outside of the movie sets and promotional tours, and dresses and heels, and have authentic exchanges with people.”

Following a six-year hiatus, the actress made a comeback in 2016 with the role of 'Loretta' in the Keanu Reeves starrer 'The Whole Truth.' As for the small screens, she played the leading role of 'Anne Montgomery' three years later in an American thriller web series 'What/If' in 2019. While you're here, learn details of her incredible $60 million net worth from her successful career.

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In October 2019, the 50-year-old starred in the biographical drama film 'Judy,' receiving rave reviews for her portrayal of 'Judy Garland.' During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Zellweger explained:

There’s work, and then there’s Judy. It’s different than anything that I have done before. That’s not to say that any of the other experiences were less special, but it felt like there was a different purpose beneath it.

The actress concluded, “I felt that there was a certain injustice in the blanket of tragedy that was thrust over that final chapter of her life. I felt like everybody on that set, we were sort of advocating for her.”

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