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Renee Zellwegger Reveals Surprising Career Choice Prior to Acting

Alizeh Published On Sun Jan 19 2020   Modified On Sun Jan 19 2020
Renee Zellwegger Reveals Surprising Career Choice Prior to Acting

The Texas-born star Renee Zellweger is a Hollywood favorite. The actor first gained widespread attention for her role in Jerry Maguire (1996) and later Bridget Jones's Diary (2001), and won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Cold Mountain (2003). 

She also earned accolades for her portrayal of Judy Garland in Judy (2019). 

rene standing in a red strapless gown with flower prints, hair up ina bun

Renee on the red carpet of Judy 
Source: EOline

Renee is recognized as one of the fine actors in Hollywood; many actors have a passion for acting since their childhood, but did Renee always thought of being an actor? 

An acting career is a 'failure.'

The 50-year-old star admitted a film career was never her plan as she studied intending to become a writer before taking a drama course during her time at the University of Texas, which sparked her interest in the art.

The 50-year-old says acting is "failure" at her journalism goal. 

She told Extra: "This was actually not on the agenda. I went to UT to write; I was going to be a journalist or writer in some capacity, so this is a failure at becoming a journalist."

rene in the middle holding a diary and pen with two men on either sides

Bridget Jone's Diary 
Source: Moviefone

Renee - who recently denied plastic surgery rumors - played the role of a journalist in a couple of her movies, which might be her way of living her dream of being a journalist. Renee's career has gone from strength to strength, and the actress who is earning plaudits and award season acclaim for her leading performance in 'Judy' revealed this time of year is a reminder of how far she's come.

Judy: a Hollywood comeback 

In the recent 2019 movie 'Judy,' Renee underwent weight loss and played the legendary actress Judy Garland. Renée Zellweger for her performance as Judy Garland, emerging as a frontrunner in the Oscar race for best actress.

But for her, the real prize was paying tribute to Garland, of whom she's been a lifelong fan. 

Judy marks its kind of comeback for Oscar-winner Zellweger, who has spent the last decade in self-imposed retreat from the public eye.

Coming back from that to play Judy Garland, icons, is the kind of big swing for the actor. She explained: "I watched something, an acceptance speech by Gary Oldman, I guessed a couple of years ago. He was accepting his award, and he said, the coolest part about it is he can say, 'I was there.'

left: rene as judy right: judy garland black and white

Renee Zellweger and Judy Garland 
Source: Instyle

"And to be in the company of so many people that have so much history in this industry and to look at all they've contributed and the significance of their work and what it means after so many years.

"It's very moving. It's very moving to feel that, 'Ooh, some of these folks are my contemporaries.'

Watch: trailer of Judy 

Meanwhile, this week Renee - who had already won a Golden Globe this month for her role as Judy Garland - paid tribute to the iconic actress as she accepted a Critics' Choice Award for the same performance.

The multimillionaire Zellweger's been a Hollywood sweetheart and the audience favorite over the years of her movie career. It has been 16 years since the Texas native was included on the Oscar list. 

rene sitting on a chair smiling infront of a back drop which says 'judy'

Renee Zellweger interview for Judy 
Source: collider 

The last time was in 2004 when she was nominated and won for her 2003 film Cold Mountain, and Judy might be the movie which will earn her more awards.

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