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Home net-worth Kimbella Matos' Net Worth: Real Money Maker in LHNNY | Way to Million Dollars

Kimbella Matos' Net Worth: Real Money Maker in LHNNY | Way to Million Dollars

terry Published On Wed Jun 14 2023   Modified On Wed Jun 14 2023
Kimbella Matos' Net Worth: Real Money Maker in LHNNY | Way to Million Dollars

LHNNY star and Instagram influencer Kimbella Matos have a net worth of $550,000 from reality shows, brand endorsements, and other online creations like OnlyFans. 

With her acting ability, always ready to get into a feud, and handling everything she wears perfectly, she has no problem earning money from the reality tv show and endorsements.

Primary Source of Income

Kimbella Matos' primary source of income is from VH1's reality show Love & Hip Hop New York which is quite popular. 

Every regular participant in the show is making $400,000 per year from the show. Yandy Smith Harris is definitely the richest person from the show with a net worth of $15 million. 

Contestants in LHNNY are at least raking in $20,000 per episode from the show and Ray J was making $25,000 per show. Actors making more money from the show is directly related to their popularity. 

Earnings From Brand Endorsements

Matos is also making huge earnings from brand endorsements with Fashion Nova and she regularly promotes the brand's readymade clothes online. 

Kimbella Matos Promoting FashinNova Swimwear on Her Instagram.

FashonNova too is paying the influencers according to promoters' popularity. Nevertheless, every influencer is at least making $33,000 out of this fashion brand.

Kimbella is mostly promoting this company's swimwear and bikinis on her Instagram

Making Money Through Subscription Platform

Kimbella Matos is also earning and making money from OnlyFans, an online subscription-based platform.

Screenshot of Kimbella Matos' OnlyFans Account.

Her OnlyFans account cost $11 per month if you want to be a subscriber. According to her popularity, she definitely has couple hundred subscribers easily. 

If you have enough subscribers on this platform you can earn millions per month like Blac Chyna.

Expenditure on Plastic Surgery

Kimbella Matos has spent a great deal of money in modifying her body through plastic surgery to look pretty and match the new industry standards.

She has done buttocks lift, liposuction, and breast augmentation which in total cost around $50,000. 

Owns White SUV

Matos Owns a white SUV which she was flaunting with FashinNova cloth when she was out on a date, probably with Samuel Safaree.

Kimbella Matos is about to go on a date in her White SUV.

There are no other records that shoes she earns multiple cars. 

Boyfriend Samuel Safaree Net Worth

Kimbella Matos is dating her LHNNY co-star Samuel Safaree whose net worth is $3 million. 

Although they don't officially confirm their relationship, there is enough evidence they are dating.

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