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Home news Blac Chyna Cuts Off Her $20 Million Per Month Creating OnlyFans Account

Blac Chyna Cuts Off Her $20 Million Per Month Creating OnlyFans Account

terry Published On Sun Mar 12 2023   Modified On Sun Mar 12 2023
Blac Chyna Cuts Off Her $20 Million Per Month Creating OnlyFans Account


Blac Chyna gives up creating OnlyFans Content which used to generate more than $20 million a month. That's a big decision for former Kardashian whose account was worth more than $360 million and the hottest account on the platform. She made $240 alone from her OnlyFans.

Yes! Blac Chyna has deleted her OnlyFans account.

This is actually a very serious financial decision for her because her account on the platform was number one on the planet with 12 million paying subscribers every month. She was ahead of Bella Thorne who was raking in $11 million per month which was actually way low than Blac Chyna's income.

She said the OnlyFans was a dead end and she has more work to do and bigger fish to fry.

When asked about why she suddenly took such a major decision, Chyna said that she wanted to be an example for her two kids whose fathers are Rob Kardashian and rapper Tyga.

She said, one day their kids will grow up and look up to her as an example and she doesn't want to set any wrong example for her kids creating adult content. She further added, she also wants to change everything about herself.

In the interview, Blac Chyna also talked about the millions of dollars worth of lawsuits that she actually lost with Kardashian Clan members. 

Chyna has sued her former family Rob Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Khloe Kardashian for defaming her publicly and using their massive influence and power to wreck her career and earning. She also mentioned that the Kardashian clan damaged her reputation by stopping recent and future earnings.

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In the lawsuit, Chyna claimed $60 million in recent earnings and $90 million worth of future earnings blaming them for intentional damage to her. She lost the lawsuit but won't regret it but instead felt right after that. 

She further said, she is not expecting or hoping for any apology from anybody unless it comes with the Ferrari. 

Netizens are also shocked that she took such a major decision and there are many speculations. A few fans are saying that nobody is buying Blac Chyna's content anymore so she closed it but it's highly unusual.

Many are giving support to her change and decision.

It seems like Chyna has peace of mind now. She said while she was doing OnlyFans, so much was going around with many lawsuits, and all the things that matters were slipping out of her hand.

Anyway, this is huge news for her and her fans. Let's keeps up with her change permanently or not.

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