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Donald Trump's Wealth and Financial Status Revealed in Latest FEC Filing

terry Published On Thu Apr 27 2023   Modified On Thu Apr 27 2023
Donald Trump's Wealth and Financial Status Revealed in Latest FEC Filing

Former US President Donald Trump is gearing up for another campaign season and has filed a disclosure with the Federal Election Commission regarding the financial status of his business empire. 

The 101-page filing provides a glimpse into his wealth and sources of income since leaving the White House. 

According to the disclosure, Trump values his entire business enterprise at a minimum of $1.2 billion, with the top holdings listed in the filing valued at amounts exceeding $50 million each. 

The holdings include golf courses in Virginia and Scotland, among others. Interestingly, Trump has found new streams of income as an ex-president, such as selling digital NFT "trading cards" featuring his own likeness, which has reportedly earned him up to $1 million. 

The filing also reveals that Trump has made more than $5 million in speaking fees since leaving office in 2021, but did not disclose the individual entities that paid those fees. 

He also received $5 million in royalties from an overseas corporation called "DT Marks Oman LLC," reportedly linked to a large real estate deal in Saudi Arabia. 

In contrast, his social media venture Truth Social has not been a significant source of income, as he disclosed earnings of less than $201 from the site. 

Despite his declining net worth, Trump has continued to be a successful fundraiser, generating $34 million this year alone. The filing shows debts totaling at least $225 million and the payment of $165 million in other debts. 

Meanwhile, his wife Melania made a separate disclosure with the FEC, showing income between $1 million and $5 million from modeling royalties and her own line of NFTs during the period in question. 

Trump's most valuable assets include 40 Wall Street, Trump Tower, Trump International Hotel and Tower, Trump National Doral, Mar-a-Lago, Trump International Golf Club, Trump Park Avenue, and 555 California Street. 

These assets are valued at $500 million, $555 million, $350 million, $250 million, $160 million, $200 million, $400 million, and $1.9 billion, respectively. Trump's estimated ownership stake in each of these assets varies, with some at 100% and others at 30%. 

The FEC filing sheds light on Donald Trump's financial status and gives us a glimpse into his wealth and income sources. Despite fluctuations in his net worth over the years, Trump remains a wealthy individual with valuable assets and multiple income streams.

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