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Home net-worth Laura Deibel Net Worth — How Much Did She Get in the Divorce Settlement to Tim Allen

Laura Deibel Net Worth — How Much Did She Get in the Divorce Settlement to Tim Allen

Bran Published On Fri Apr 03 2020   Modified On Thu Sep 30 2021
Laura Deibel Net Worth — How Much Did She Get in the Divorce Settlement to Tim Allen

Let us find out about the net worth of Laura Deibel, following her divorce settlement with The Santa Clause actor, Tim Allen.

Known for the ABC sitcom, 'Home Improvement', Tim Allen can be considered as one of the top assets in television and Hollywood. Contrary to a resounding professional career, his personal life was completely different since he suffered a broken marriage with Laura Deibel in the past.

As of now, Laura's former spouse is married to his better half Jane Hajduk. Tim gave second chance to marriage and tied the knot with his second wife in 2006.

The Michigan-born star spent 15 years of his life with his ex-wife Laura Deibel. In fact, the two even shared a daughter while they were married. It was a shame that the fan-loved couple couldn't make it since they parted ways with a divorce agreement in 2003. Let's find out what did contribute to Deibel's fortunes.

Laura Deibel's Net Worth Makes Her a Millionaire

Tim Allen's ex-wife owns an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2020. Interestingly, a significant portion of the fortunes inevitably came from her divorce settlement with the megastar. Unlike most of the celebrity spouses, Deibel was quite independent as she looked into Allen's corporate venture as well. Laura's then-husband, Tim, on the other hand, amasses a staggering income of $80 million as of 2020.

Tim Allen in a black suit poses a picture with ex-wife Laura Deibel.

Tim Allen and Laura Deibel completed a divorce agreement in 2003.
Photo Source: Popsugar

The ex-wife of the celebrity, Laura Deibel, completed her academics at Western Michigan University. In the early days of her relationship with Allen, she even used to raise money for her family working as a sales manager for an interior landscape company. However, as the stand-up comedian became used to success, she left the job and focused more on her daughter, Katherine Allen

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You would be quite surprised to know that Laura Deibel also used to represent several of her ex-husband's corporate ventures. One of the significant ones was his 'Tim Allen Signature Tools' a manufacturing firm that promised to serve kids from its revenues. In fact, Deibel was the CEO of the firm, which made a quite impressive financial success from its production of hammers, drills, and all sorts of tools.

Tim Allen in a black suit poses a picture with wife Laura Deibel.

Tim Allen's first wife Laura Deibel used to be the CEO of Tim Allen Signature Tools.
Photo Source: Getty Images

Following her separation from the 'Toy Story' star, Deibel went back to private living, way far from all the media and hype. 

Deibel and Allen's Completed Their Divorce in 2003

While Laura Deibel and the 'Santa Clause' actor, Tim Allen tied the knot in April 1984 and shared a daughter, they couldn't sustain their marriage. Actually, the reason for their divorce was how the multi-millionaire actor couldn't give much time to his wife and daughter. In fact, Laura had to manage all the chores inside the house all alone, which made her miserable.

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After many years of dissatisfaction, it was Allen's ex-wife Deibel who pulled the plug and filed for divorce. According to their close friends, they attended many public events together, just for the sake of family and reputation without being happy. Initially, they legally separated in 1999, but it wasn't until 2003 that the legal obligations were completed citing 'irreconcilable differences.'

Laura Deibel and Tim Allen pose for a picture at an award ceremony.

Tim Allen and his first wife Laura Deibel completed their divorce in 2003.
Photo Source: TV Show Stars

Allen, who played in some big hits such as 'Home Improvement' and 'Toy Story' series definitely paid a significant sum of money to his ex-wife in terms of spousal support, which isn't disclosed yet. Since Deibel owns around $1.5 million as net worth, she bagged an estimated figure of $1 million following the lawful proceedings.

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