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Home lifestyle Meet Laura Deibel — Tim Allen's Ex-Wife

Meet Laura Deibel — Tim Allen's Ex-Wife

Bran Published On Fri Apr 03 2020   Modified On Fri Apr 03 2020
Meet Laura Deibel — Tim Allen's Ex-Wife

'Last Man Standing' actor Tim Allen's married life is not short of any drama. Get to know his ex-wife, Laura Deibel, right here.

Call it the pros or cons, but when you are married to a celebrity, you certainly become one. And the case of actor Tim Allen's ex-wife Laura Deibel is no different. It was after her marriage to the 'Santa Clause' star that millions of fans started following her lifestyle in a close manner.

Born on November 12, 1956, Allen's ex-wife Laura Deibel prefers to live a lowkey life, unlike her husband. Surprisingly, that was the reason why she doesn't use any social networking sites like Twitter or Instagram. It was a shame the relationship between Laura and Tim didn't work out, but maybe that's for the best. So, without wasting much time, let's get more into details.

Laura Deibel and Tim Allen Were Married for 15 Years

The 'Santa Clause' actor, Tim Allen, brought all the fame to his ex-wife Laura Deibel on April 7, 1984, the day they got married. The two started dating in their university days and got married after a while of his release from jail. Since Allen was a Hollywood star, the celebrity wedding was news material for all the papers and television back then.

Santa Clause star Tim Allen with ex-wife Laura Deibel in black (right)

Tim Clause and Laura Deibel were lovers since their college.
Photo Source: Getty Images

Although they married in the mid-1980s, they met one another from the time they were in University. In fact, they both went to Western University and shared a romantic bond then. One of their close friends, George Kutlenios, even labeled the two as 'lifelong soulmates.'

Allen and Ex-Wife Became Parents But Failed To Realize Roles

The married couple spent around 15 years together and even gave birth to a daughterKatherine Allen, during the period. Although childbirth was supposed to be the start of their happy family life, it was quite the opposite. Since Allen was busy with his hectic schedules, rehearsals, and shooting, his then-wife, Laura, dealt with all the chores of the newly born daughter.

Laura Deibel's ex-husband Tim Allen poses a picture with daughter Katherine Allen.

Laura Deibel and ex-husband Tim Allen welcomed daughter Katherine Allen in 1989.
Photo Source: Getty

Deibel even failed to take the chance of appearing in the Friday Nights' show count as she had to maintain her home and raise her daughter. As Allen's 'Home Improvement' show closed after eight long seasons, he returned home, completely unaware of his future role in the series nor the family. 

Tim's partner, Rob Cowin, told in an interview how, "Allen became like a CEO who retires after 30 years on the job, suddenly comes home and has nothing to do but bother his wife."

Allen and Ex-Wife Finally Parted Ways with a Divorce

While Katherine came to this world, just when she was 10 in 1999, her parents parted ways. Even though her parents are no longer together, both of them love her equally and are on good terms with their daughter. With irreconcilable differences between them, the 'Toy Story' lead couldn't work things out with Deibel, and as a result, they finalized their divorce in 2003.

Laura Deibel in a black dress with Tim Allen at a party.

Tim Allen and ex-wife Laura Deibel share a daughter together.
Photo Source: Pop Sugar

After their child's birth, Allen and Deibel developed a distance between them, which was too big to fill. Even though they made public appearances in movie premieres and events, they were just "acting" like a family. Most of their friends believed that they would fix it, but they never could. The television actor certainly was the reason for the divorce, since he failed to create much time for his family as he was too busy in his professional life.

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As the famous saying, sometimes things have to break apart to make way for better things, Allen found his second wife, Jane Hajduk, and married her in 2006, and they seem blissfully married to date. On the other hand, Deibel didn't remarry ever after and went lowkey, just like she was before her marriage with the film star. 

Laura Deibel Used to Be a Sales Manager

While the 'Santa Clause' actor Tim Allen was married to Laura Deibel, he wasn't as settled in the industry as he is now. So, his ex-wife, Deibel, also burnt the midnight oil to raise money to run the household. As a graduate of Western Michigan University in 1978, she worked for an interior landscape company in the position of sales manager.

Besides the household support, Deibel was always there in the hard times with the TV actor when they were married. Interestingly, Allen went to prison for cocaine distribution in October 1978 and spent more than two years there. However, unlike most women, Deibel stood by him and waited for him to return because she loved him more than anything else.

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While the two were together, Laura Deibel represented her spouse's foundation named 'Tim Allen Signature Tools' as the CEO. The social organization was formed with the only motive of raising funds for kids' by-product sales. The firm used to manufacture daily chores such as hammers, drills, and so on.

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