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Drake's Baby Mama Sophie Brussaux — 5 Facts to Know

Heisenberg Published On Fri Apr 03 2020   Modified On Wed Apr 12 2023
Drake's Baby Mama Sophie Brussaux — 5 Facts to Know

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Grab top facts on one of Drake's ex and the mother of his son Adonis, Sophie Brussaux.

Drake surprised us two years ago when he revealed he was going to have a son through his song 'Emotionless.' But now, the world finally got to see his sonAdonis, after the Canadian rapper posted a few pictures of the two-year-old little boy on his Instagram account on Monday.

The light-colored curly-haired cute little guy's debut on Instagram came after Drake decided that he could not hide his son from the public after all. Sophie Brussaux, the mother and Drake's ex, was also in one of the pictures. She also posted a picture of the little boy with her and Drake on her own Instagram account but photoshopping all three's hair to match blonde

Brussaux, who Drake admits had only dated twice, is a new personality to most of Drake's fans. Who is she and how did she become the mother of Drake's child? Let's find out.

5. Drake Met Sophie Brussaux in Amsterdam in 2017

According to The Sun, Drake and Brussaux were spotted together talking and having dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam on January 24, 2017. But they were not alone and were enjoying the evening with a group of friends. 

Sophie Brussaux first met at a Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam.

Brussaux first met Drake presumably at a Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam.
Source: Daily Mirror 

At the time, he had just gone public about his relationship with Jennifer Lopez, and he was on his Boy Meets World Tour. Adonis was born in October, nine months after the meeting. Drake claims he had been intimate with Brussaux only twice, and even mentioned it on the song 'March 14' : 'She not my lover Billie Jean but the kid is mine… S**t, we only met two times, two times.'

4. Sophie Brussaux is French

Evident from her name, Brussaux is originally from France, but currently lives in New York with Adonis. She, however, gave birth to Drake's son in France.

Sophie Brussaux is originally from France.

Brussaux is originally from France.
Source: TVovermind 

According to Narcity, Sophie was born on August 1, 1989, in Bordeaux, France. So, she is 30 years old at present. 

3. Sophie Brussaux is a Painter by Profession

Brussaux is a successful painter, with her paintings often featuring in major exhibitions around the world, in places like Milan, NYC, London, Dubai, Toronto, and Paris. The 30-year-old artist is always busy painting and traveling different places where her work gets exhibited.

Here are some of her paintings she shared on her Instagram page.

Sophie's paintings focus on the themes of surrealism, symbolism, pop art, and even feminism. She has also painted some famous personalities like Frida Kahlo, the Obamas, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Amy Winehouse. Here is a picture Sophie posted on her Instagram of her meeting Pope Francis to deliver his portrait.

On her Instagram, she wrote: "Such an honor to meet Pope Francis and gift him the portrait I painted for him in honor of his concert with and for the poor on November 9, 2019. I used green, the color of hope, with red, the color designated by @undp (United Nations Development Programme) to fight poverty."

2. Sophie Brussaux is a Former Adult Film Star

Brussaux is a retired p*rn star, who used to perform in adult films using the name Rosee Divine. She worked in the p*rn industry for a while before she became a full-time artist.

Sophie is a former adult film star.

Sophie is a former adult-film star.

Sophie is notorious for posting scantily-clad pictures of her on Instagram, showing off her body. She also has a habit of stripping off for her Instagram followers. Maybe that's how she increased her fans on the social media platform.

1. Also, She's the Founder of a Non-Profit Organization

Sophie Brussaux is the founder and artistic director of the non-profit organization called Arts Help. It is the world's largest art publisher with 2.5 million members, and it publishes artworks of various artists from a variety of backgrounds. 

Sophie Brussaux is the founder and artistic director of the non-profit organization called Arts Help.

Sophie Brussaux is the founder and artistic director of the non-profit organization called Arts Help.
Source: The Blast 

According to its website, "Arts Help is an award-winning not-for-profit organization and the largest art publisher. We are founded on the belief that art can make the world a better place."

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UN-Habitat Global Advocate awarded the organization in May 2019 for its 'Icons With a Purpose' exhibition at the Toronto Design Exchange Museum. Here is a picture of Sophie shared on her Instagram of her receiving the award.

Seems like she's involved in many projects in her life.

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