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Home net-worth Missy Elliott Net Worth — Complete Breakdown of the Rapper's Fortune

Missy Elliott Net Worth — Complete Breakdown of the Rapper's Fortune

Bran Published On Sun Apr 26 2020   Modified On Thu Mar 03 2022
Missy Elliott Net Worth — Complete Breakdown of the Rapper's Fortune

Rapper Missy Elliott spent over two decades working on music and rap. Get to know how much did it contribute to her net worth.

American rapper Missy Elliott is often news material, be it with her songs or her tremendous weight loss journey. The singer rose to fame with the R&B group 'Sista' in the early 1990s before working on her solo career and winning several awards for them. In fact, her solo debut was the breakthrough itself since the album, 'Supa Dupa Fly,' went on to be number three on the prestigious Billboard 200, making a statement as one of the very few women rappers at that time.

Today's generation is quite fond of rap music, yet we aren't aware of many female rappers in this feminist era. Well, Missy Elliott is one of the rare breeds who further went on to bag four Grammy Awards as well. What else would you want as a musician? Thus, with twenty-eight years of experience, Elliott not just got accustomed to global fame but also amassed big fortunes. Let us get into the details right away!

Missy Elliott's Enormous Net Worth

Even in 2020, there are many industries where women are paid less than men, despite similar jobs. However, Missy Elliott and her incredible talent don't suffer the same fate as she amasses a staggering net worth of $60 million. Interestingly, her bank balance isn't the complete result of her singing career alone but also from her works as a songwriter, dancer, producer, and actress. Thus, looking at her resume so far, as a rapper alone, she makes far more than $62,142, the average salary of the profession in the country. Furthermore, the performance of her albums and songs proves to be a benign factor as the income is subject to rising based on the sales.

Missy Elliott in a black jacket poses for a picture.

Missy Elliott won the Grammy awards four times to date.
Photo Source: Forbes

Back in 1997, on her debut album itself, Elliott made some kind of a record with over 1.2 million sales. Likewise, her second album replicated the success, with 3 million sales worldwide, indicating the things coming next. Consequently, she became one of the female rappers with best-selling albums, with more than 7.6 million copies sales in the United States. Thus, in total, Missy has over 30 million album sales to date, which is some sort of a record itself. Besides the earnings, she made sure that her songs were good enough to get her several accolades as she won a total of 77 awards, including the likes of EME, Grammy, and Brit. 

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Some of Elliott's big paychecks come in the form of concerts and tours, which she has to perform at several parts of the country from time to time. With a theme of gender equality, body positivity, and sex-positivity, Missy is the perfect inspiration for feminism, unlike the ones that get on the train with baseless arguments.

Furthermore, from the year 2007, the artist added production and writing in her portfolio, too, and achieved success at an instant. In fact, her production helped her reach no.1 of Billboard's Hot Hip Hop songs with Keyshia Cole's 'Let It Go'.

Missy Elliott into Philanthropy

Rapper Missy Elliott relates to Warren Buffet, who said, "If you are in the luckiest 1% of the humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99%." The million-making musician realizes the importance of giving back to society and began in 2002 as she wrote a letter for PETA to Portsmouth mayor asking that all sheltered animals be neutered before being adopted. Similarly, later on, she collaborated with Mac Cosmetics to promote the 'Viva Glam' campaign, which meant that 100% of their lipstick sales would go to help AIDS patients. 

Missy Elliott owns a staggering net worth of $60 million.

Missy Elliott owns a staggering net worth of $60 million.
Photo Source: Instagram

The diva also made a television appearance on ABC's 'Extreme Makeover' and gave four scholarships on weight loss programs to four underprivileged teens. Speaking about shedding weight, Elliott went through a dramatic weight loss in the past, losing over 30 pounds.

Missy Elliott's Lavish House

Rapper Missy Elliott does complete justice to her soaring net worth, as she lives in a flashy residence at Virginia Beach. Surprisingly, it isn't the only one of her properties, as she owns several estates over the country. In fact, the multiple Grammy winner lives at the 15,000 square feet Virginia mansion part-time, which comprises an indoor swimming pool, an elevator, and a home theater.

Missy Elliott's house at Virginia Beach.

Missy Elliott bought a lavish villa at Virginia Beach as a gift to her mom.
Photo Source: Virtual Globetrotting

While Elliott bought the house for her mother in 2001, Patricia Elliott, near her birthplace, she spends most of her time there itself. Although the exact price of the mansion isn't known, it is estimated to be more than $2 million, considering all the amenities it holds.

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Besides the Virginia home, Missy owns several estates in Miami. One of them came into the news as she sold a 4,740-sq-ft. condo in Aventura, Miami, for $1.45 million a few years ago. The personal life of the 48-year-old is entirely private, but Elliott once said that she's looking to start a family. Only time will tell how that will go for the musician.

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