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Rudy Youngblood Facts: Here's Everything You Need to Know About Him

Anjan Published On Thu Feb 25 2021   Modified On Sat Feb 27 2021
Rudy Youngblood Facts: Here's Everything You Need to Know About Him

Here's all you need to know about 'Jaguar Paw', a.k.a. Rudy Youngblood.

Rudy Youngblood is a native American actor, singer, dancer, and musician, popular for starring as 'Jaguar Paw' in the movie 'Apocalypto,' directed by Mel Gibson, released in 2009.

Though a less familiar figure to many, Rudy has been making progress in making a name for himself. But for those who don't know much about him, we compiled some important facts relating to his professional and personal life below.

Rudy Youngblood Has Native American Roots 

Rudy Youngblood was born as Rudy Gonzalez in Texas in September 1982 with the ancestry of native American Comanche and Yaqui tribes.

Rudy Youngblood in Apocalypto.

Rudy Youngblood was born in the native American group of Comanche and Yaqui tribes.
Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Born in a family struggling to make ends meet, he started working in construction sites from an early age and learned skills in the same field. Due to this reason, he learned a number of skills and ways of life from a young age which helped him rise up in his career.

Rudy graduated from Belton High School.

Rudy completed his high school education at Belton High School, Texas, and received numerous scholarship offers. However, he rejected the offers and was interested in Native American dance, and held membership in American Indian Dance Theatre.

Jaguar Paw looks with wet eyes as being taken as human sacrifices

Actor Rudy Youngblood as 'Jaguar Paw' in 'Apocalypto'

Rudy Youngblood [Net Worth] started his acting career at the theatrical production house. He rose to fame after landing the role of protagonist in the 2006 movie 'Apocalypto,' which was a huge success in Hollywood. The plot of the movie revolves around the protagonist 'Jaguar Paw,' a warrior, and takes place in the Mayan Civilization, which is on the downfall.

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The 2010 action crime thriller 'Beatdown' is another popular movie that fans remember when Rudy's name comes up. The movie has cast Youngblood as Brandon, a street fighter, the role to which he has done every bit of justice. Some of his other movies include Wind Walkers (2015), Crossing Point (2016), etc. 

Rudy Youngblood Possesses a Decent Amount of Wealth

The net worth of Rudy Youngblood is estimated to be around $600 thousand, with the major income from the acting career.

Rudy is Single at Present

It might be surprising to know that the charming actor is still single. However, he was involved with Mariana Tosca way back in 2005. He has faced numerous allegations questioning his American Indian ancestry from the native tribal communities. 

Rudy Youngblood is single at present.

Rudy Youngblood is not in a relationship at present.
Source: Pinterest

He doesn't have a clean slate, to be honest, as he has also been arrested once from Miccosukee resort & Gaming, Miami, as he verbally abused other poker players and showed disorderly behaviors, all while being drunk.

Here are few more interesting facts about Rudy Youngblood:

  • His Indian name is 'Tee-Dee-Nae,' which translates as 'Strong Boy.'
  • As the story of 'Apocalypto' had to use a Mayan dialect as a language, Rudy learned the language in less than a month before the shooting started.
  • Youngblood performed all of the stunts by himself in 'Apocalypto,' including the 175-foot fall from the edge of the waterfall in a scene.
  • He is an HIV/AIDS activist and helps the victims of the disease, especially among the native Americans. He also publicly talks about the need for education on alcoholism, child abuse, and substance abuse.

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