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Home lifestyle Sherrie Swafford's Husband: Here's What You Should Know

Sherrie Swafford's Husband: Here's What You Should Know

Parker Published On Fri Mar 12 2021   Modified On Mon May 09 2022
Sherrie Swafford's Husband: Here's What You Should Know

Learn all the details of famous American songwriter and singer Steve Perry's ex-girlfriend Sherrie Swafford.

Sherrie Swafford is one of those personalities who rose to fame after dating famous celebrities. She grabbed the media's attention after dating famous American songwriter and Journey band singer Steve Perry. Her estimated net worth is $1million

Swafford was the motivation factor and the character of her ex-boyfriend's hit solo song, "Oh Sherrie." Many people are interested to know about her personal life and her love life. Below we have gathered some information regarding her relationship status and love life.

Who is Sherrie Swafford's Husband?

Sherrie Swafford was single. She maintained to keep her personal life low-key.

on 80's sherrie and steve were on relationship. At that time people used to talk about ther relation

Sherrie with her ex-boyfriend Steve Perry
Source: JukeBugs

Sherrie was previously in a relationship with the famous songwriter and the Journey band singer Steve Perry. The duo shared a good bond initially, and steve even wrote a song for Sherrie called 'Oh Sherrie.'

Although the couple was having a good time, they decided to separate and headed ahead separately in 1985. The couple had been in relation for six years.

During an interview with the Tampa Bay Times in 2011, Perry was asked why they broke up. The star mentioned that they were good for each other but not right for each other. 

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Steve continued explaining that the year 1985 was tough for him as his mother died and the same year he broke up with the love of his life. Sherrie is never rumored to have dated or married anyone after her breakup with Steve.

Sherrie Swafford's Ex-boyfriend Steve Perry was in a Relationship with Kellie Nash

Sherrie Swafford's ex-boyfriend Steve Perry never got married. He stated in some interviews that he saw and witnessed what his parents went through and eventually their painful divorce. So he runs away from marriage.

After breakup with Sherrie, steve was in relation with kellie nash. they both were together but that didn't last long

Steve perry with his late lover, Kellie Nash, who died in 2012
Source: Thecelebscloset 

Though Steve didn’t get married, he dated other women, and one who is worthy of being mentioned is Kellie Nash, for she had a great impact on his life. He met Kellie, a Doctor of Psychology and Cancer survivor while working on a project through his friend Patty Jenkins. 

While working together, the two fell in love and started dating, and while dating, she told him that her Cancer might be back and that she possibly did not have long to live. But Steve couldn’t let her go. 

So they continued seeing each other, and after a year and half of dating, her disease came back, and she died in 2012. Before she died, she made  Steve promise not to go back into his shell but to continue to pursue his music like he used to do.

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Steve kept his promise and started to write and produce songs again in honor of her and the memories they shared. He said in an interview that he actually thought their love could heal her and cure the Cancer.

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