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When is Harry Potter Coming to Netflix?

Bran Published On Mon Nov 02 2020   Modified On Mon Nov 02 2020
When is Harry Potter Coming to Netflix?

J.K Rowlings' masterpiece, Harry Potter classics, is rumored to be Netflix's latest addition. Grab all the details right here.

If you are a movie-lover, then there are extremely high odds against you that you don't know of J.K Rowling's masterpiece, 'Harry Potter.' The series of seven fantasy novels were widely appreciated by fans of all age group. And the magical world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter was even more admired when the British writer came up with the idea to produce her novel into a movie series.

Nine years after the release of the last Harry Potter film, i.e., 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,' there is still a massive audience that appreciates the film to this date and watches it repetitively.  The magic lovers recently got the news that got themselves excited as there were rumors that the fantasy drama is coming to the renowned streaming service of Netflix. Stay with us right here to know how much truth lies in this rumor.

Harry Potter: Not Coming On Netflix In US

A picture of Harry Potter characters staring at each other.

Harry Potter isn't coming to Netflix in November 2020.
Photo Source: Quora

The saying, 'expectations hurt' couldn't be felt much by the magic lovers as the fans were really aroused by the false hope that Netflix is bringing all the eight Hogwart movies from November 2020. In fact, J.K. Rowling's movie series isn't just any other show as it's streaming rights are in an extremely complicated situation. The Potter-Heads are confused most of the time as their beloved show is highly demanded among several streaming platforms, which is constantly changing.

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It is a known fact that the super-hit movie series involving the likes of Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson was made initially by 'Warner Bros.' As of the current date, it isn't available in the United States on any of the streaming platforms. The show isn't just available on Netflix, but the fans can't find it on other platforms like Disney +, NBCU's Peacock. Although the film was available on Peacock before the calendar hit the eleventh month, the American Potterheads are left with no choice to watch their favorite film as of now.

Harry Potter's fantasy magic school, 'Hogwarts.'

Harry Potter's eighth and final film was released in 2011.
Photo Source: Wallpaper Safari

Harry Potter is surely one of the greatest movie series of all time, and it's a shame that its fans and the new generation cannot watch it in recent times. As a Facebook page raised false hopes on how Emma Watson's film is coming to Netflix, people were already excited and cleared off their schedules to transform into a wizard from a muggle.

Harry Potter's Streaming Situation Left Fans Disappointed

As DJ Khalid would say, The creators of Harry Potter are probably suffering from success as the movie series is in extremely high demand, but they are failing to get the right streaming partner who would match their value. The Warner Bros film series previously had an existing deal with NBCUniversal to stream its films. Following the expiry of the contract, they recently signed with HBO Max in May for a span of three months. 

Dumbledore was the principal of Harry Potter's magic school, 'Hogwarts.'

Harry Potter was previously streamed by Peacock.
Photo Source: Syfy

The Potterheads were quite psyched to see their favorite wizards from Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, and Ron Weasley to the likes of Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape in Netflix from November. However, as the show isn't streaming this November anytime, many frustrated fans are on social media. A fan tweeted, 'It's November 1st why isn't Harry Potter on Netflix? :('  Only time will tell if the globally popular streaming site will actually land the show and please its followers or not.

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