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Home lifestyle Who is Charles Melton Girlfriend in 2021? Details on His Previous Relationship

Who is Charles Melton Girlfriend in 2021? Details on His Previous Relationship

bbk Published On Thu Jul 22 2021   Modified On Thu Jul 22 2021
Who is Charles Melton Girlfriend in 2021? Details on His Previous Relationship

Learn All The Details Of Charles Melton's Relationship Status and Girlfriend in 2021!

Charles Melton is an American actor and a fashion model. He has been part of the movies like Bad Boys for Life and Mainstream and the television series Riverdale.

The 6' 1" tall actor is a millionaire and has a net worth of $3 million. Charles earns a handsome amount from his acting and modeling career. The model adds  $700,000 every year to his bank account as his salary.

Charles, with millions of followers, is recently gaining hype due to his relationship. He is dating his girlfriend, Camila Mendesas of 2021Let's take a close look at his love life and girlfriend in this article.

Is Charles Melton Currently In Relationship? Who is His Girlfriend?

Most of Charles Melton's fans must know that the star was dating American actress and model Camila Mendes in 2018. There were certain rumors that the stars were a thing. In October, Camila came forward and admitted that they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Charles Melton is in a relationship with Camila Mendes.

Charles Melton is in a relationship with Camila Mendes.
Photo Source: Cosmopolitan

The couple spent quality time with each other. Also, Charles and Camila went to South Korea for Christmas together. The duo celebrated Charles's birthday sharing cute photos of each other on social pages.

Their life together was going so well that the lovebirds decided to live together. Following that decision, Camila moved to Charles's apartment, and the actor's fans loved the progress the two were making as a couple.

Sadly, in December 2019, the duo decided to put an end to their relationship. None of them took a step forward to explain to their fans about their separation. Although Camila told the fans that things between her and Melton were over, she never revealed the reason behind breaking up.

As per Seventeen, Melton and Mends were seen together after two years after the separation. The lovers were seen having dinner with each other. Soon after, fans started suspecting that the ex-lovers have reunited, and they gave each a second chance. However, the official confirmation is yet to arrive.

Charles Melton's Previous Relationships

Apart from Camila Mendes, Charles Melton was rumored dating an American actress, singer, and producer Vanessa Hudgens. Fans speculated Hudgens broke up with her long-time boyfriend, Austin Butler, before beginning her romance with Charles.


Charles Melton with his rumored girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens.

Charles Melton with his rumored girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens.
Photo Source: MTV UK

Though fans were suspecting something special was growing between the actors, none of them confirmed their relationship. So, the rumors gradually faded away.

Many people also know Melton from popstar Ariana Grande's music video for "Break Up With Your Boyfriend, I'm Bored." They loved the duo together; however, nothing happened between them after that project. There was some gossip that Melton was dating American actress Yara Shahidi

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There is no other known relationship of Charles Meltons. The actor has not revealed his past relationships as most of the stars want to maintain privacy.

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