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Actor Zack Schor Talks His Audition on Amazon Prime's 'Hunters'

BK Published On Thu Apr 09 2020   Modified On Thu Apr 09 2020
Actor Zack Schor Talks His Audition on Amazon Prime's 'Hunters'

Zack Schor reveals what the audition process was like on ‘Hunters.’

Zack Schor landed his most prominent role to date on the Amazon Prime series ‘Hunters.’ He portrays the character of 'Meyer Offerman,' the younger version of Al Pacino’s character, and needless to say; it couldn’t have been a more daunting challenge.

‘Hunters’ showcases a thrilling tale from 1977 about a group of New Yorkers striving to bring escaped Nazi officials to justice. The show also features flashback scenes from the 1940s in Auschwitz, and that’s precisely where Schor’s role comes into play.

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The actor recently sat down with Vents Magazine and shared his entire experience working on the Amazon Prime series. Speaking of the audition process, Schor stated:

When I got the material, I knew it was a rare and special opportunity, in terms of the scale of the project and the people I would get to work with, but more importantly in terms of the character I might get to play. I quickly learned Polish in order to do the audition completely in Polish, and I lost as much weight as I could in that short period of time.

The actor felt he needed to learn Polish and lose substantial weight to fit in with the character and show the producers how much it means to him and how dedicated he’s to the project. Schor believes he wouldn’t feel like 'Meyer Offerman' if he had a stocky build and performed in English.

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As for the nature of his audition, Zack says it was “pretty typical.” He went to the office of the casting director, John Papsidera, where he read the material a couple of times in two different ways. 

The actor continued, “After an audition, I throw away the sides (the audition scenes) because until I hear otherwise, my job is done. It’s my job to go in and show them what the character looks like on me, and if it doesn’t match what they’re looking for, that’s okay. This time it did. About a week later, I got the call that I had been cast as Young Meyer.”

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Schor also talked about what drew him into the world of acting. The Meyer Offerman star had been acting since he was a kid. He was always fond of music, and that drew him initially to music theatres from a pretty young age. From there on, he got engrossed into all types of performance, whether it’s theatre, film, or TV.

As the aspiring actor began to dig deeper into why he was fond of some materials while he disliked the others, he explored writing things on his own. Schor believes, “Today, as an actor and a writer, I see how intertwined the two are, it’s all storytelling, which I love.”

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