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All Details on Raheem Sterling's Kids as of 2021

bbk Published On Thu Jul 08 2021   Modified On Thu Jul 08 2021
All Details on Raheem Sterling's Kids as of 2021

Grab All The Details Of Raheem Sterling's Kids Here!!!

Raheem Sterling is one of the finest players in today's date. The footballer plays as a winger and attacking midfielder for England National team and football club Manchester City Football Club.

The Jamaica-born footballer is a multi-millionaire and holds a net worth of $45 million. The Manchester City stars born on December 8, 1996, moved to England at the age of five after his father was killed at two.

The 26-year-old player is kind of famous for his astonishing gameplay. Most of his fans are always excited to pursue more information about him. So we will take a close look at Raheem Sterling's kids in this article. 

Raheem Sterling's Kids From Page Milian

Raheem is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Page Milian, the owner of Milian Property Group and manager of Colossal Sports Management. The duo is known each other since their teenage; thus, they are together for a long time now. 

Raheem Sterling with his kids.

Raheem Sterling with his kids.
Photo Source: Instagram

Raheem and his girlfriend Page are engaged. They shared engagement rings back in 2018 and will soon get married after the covid pandemic gets normal. 

The duo shares two children, both sons. Raheem with his fiancée Page welcomed their first son Thiago Sterling. Back then, Page was only 21-year-old. Talking about their first baby boy, Thiago, he is now 4-year-old and often features on his mother's Instagram posts and stories. 

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After their first baby boy, Sterling and his sweetheart gave birth t their second child. They named him Thai Sterling, who was born in 2019 and is 2-year-old in 2021. Like his elder sibling, Thai is quite famous on his mother Milian's Instagram. 

Raheem Sterling's Daughter From Melissa Clarke

Previously Raheem Sterling shared a romantic link with his ex-girlfriend Melissa Clarke. They dated in their early teenage days. Though the former pair are not together anymore, they share a baby girl born in 2012.

The first child of Raheem is his daughter Melody Rose Sterling. Melody is currently 9-year-old. After her parents split, the daughter of Manchester City's star started living with her father and stepmother, Page Milian.

All Kids of Raheem Sterling share a good bond.

All Kids of Raheem Sterling share a good bond.
Photo Source: Instagram

As Melody lives with her step-brothers Thiago and Thai, all three shares a strong bond. The children are close with their parents and are often seen on vacation, which shows how much they love to spend time together.

Raheem Sterling Rumored of Having Eight Childs

Once, the England National Player was caught in a rumor in 2015 regarding a child issue. The young football star was 20-year-old then and only had one baby girl, but many people speculated that the star was the father to eight kids.

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In an interview with the Sports Magazine, sterling was asked to share one of the funniest rumors he had heard of himself. The star said that the rumor of him having eight children is one of the funniest ones. 

According to Bleach Report, Raheem said that he would love to meet the person who started the speculation, not because he is mad, but because it is so funny and random. 

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