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Home health From Flab to Ab, Davina McCall Knows It All, Find the Secret of Her Weight Loss

From Flab to Ab, Davina McCall Knows It All, Find the Secret of Her Weight Loss

Kenshinpark Published On Wed Jun 17 2020   Modified On Wed Jun 17 2020
From Flab to Ab, Davina McCall Knows It All, Find the Secret of Her Weight Loss

Find out about Davina McCall's weight loss, diet, and workout.

Davina McCall (born Davina Lucy Pascale McCall) is an English presenter and a former model. She is known for hosting different shows like 'Big Brother,' 'The Million Pound Drop,' 'Five Minutes to a Fortune,' 'The Jump,' and many more.

Davina is mostly recognized for hosting Big Brother on Channel 4 from 2000 to 2010. Though she managed to make her name on TV, she struggled on her early life and pretty much tried all other career options. 

Finally, Davina found her place on TV shows and working as a presenter since 1992. But in recent years, she has established as a fitness enthusiast too. After a massive weight loss, Davina now flaunts her six-pack abs.

Let's find out about her weight loss, diet, and exercise.

Davina McCall's Weight Loss

Davina McCall, though, was never on the heavier side of her weight. But her recent weight loss transformation is something to be acknowledged of. Davina is the mother of three, Holly Robertson, Chester Robertson, and Tilly Robertson, all from her second ex-husband, Matthew Robertson.

davina mccall weight loss.

From Flab to Ab, Davina McCall knows how to do it.
Photo Source: Express

So, the TV presenter's journey to more fit and active life began following her split with then-husband, Matthew. According to Express, the TV personality focused a lot of her time and attention on her body. 

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McCall is also released her fitness DVD and has her own line of fitness equipment. You will often see her flaunting her toned body on her social accounts. 

Davina McCall's Workout

So, according to Women's Health, Davina trains six days a week for around one hour every day. The 52-year-old still maintains the six packs abs, which she attained with her hard work. The magazine further stressed that the TV presenter has three non-negotiables when it comes to being in the gym, that are dancing, pelvic thrusts, and enjoyment.

davina mccall weight loss.

She rocks six-pack abs at age 52.
Photo Source: Davina's Instagram

Davina is trained by her personal trainer Sarah Grant, who once revealed Davina has a great attitude towards workout and wants to have fun at all costs; in fact, she believes workout is all about having fun.

Talking with the magazine Sarah further revealed McCall likes running, boxing, high-intensity interval training, and spinning for her cardio sessions, also adds 60-minute cycling at the end. 

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Davina, for her toned body, does barre and ends her workout session with yoga classes for a refreshing stretch. 

Davina McCall's Diet

When it comes to diet plan, Davina McCall has a pretty straightforward list you should or avoid. The TV presenter has time and again emphasized the benefit of ditching sugar and alcohol. The 52-year-old said her weight dropped off when she quit those two things.

davina mccall weight loss.

Davina's day starts with running.
Photo Source: Express

Talking with The Sun, the television personality said, "When I'm working, training or running a busy home, I like to stay healthy and to know I'm feeding myself and everyone else just the right amount of what we all need."

Davina further revealed swapping bread and pasta for wholegrain food can benefit a ton. Moreover, TV presenter stressed to avoid processed food as much as possible.

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