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Fans React to Kelly Clarkson Filling In for Simon Cowell on AGT

Kenshinpark Published On Fri Aug 14 2020   Modified On Fri Aug 14 2020
Fans React to Kelly Clarkson Filling In for Simon Cowell on AGT

Fans react to Kelly Clarkson filling in for Simon Cowell on AGT.

As we all know, Kelly Clarson came in to fill in for Simon Cowell on the 'America's Got Talent' following AGT's mentor electric bike accident. The British media personality broke his back and is now recovering well in hospital.

Though it sounds like some normal accident, Simon escaped from being paralyzed; he avoided damaging his spinal cord by a centimeter. Anyways, he is doing well after six hours long surgery. 

kelly clarkson's memo on her Instagram.

Photo Source: Kelly Clarkson's Instagram

Since Simon wouldn't be on the show for some time now, Kelly is taking Simon's seat for time being. Kelly recently updated a post on her Instagram, an announcement, and regards to her friend, Simon.

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Anyways, following the update from the singer, even Simon took to his Twitter account to thank Kelly personally. 

Following his tweet, fans have reacted to him and Kelly on their social profile.

One fan wrote, "Good to hear you're on the mend AGT could never be the same without you. Kelly was great as she always is. Just love her on The Voice and as a person. Looking forward to your return sure your adorable son is always by your side don’t overdo it Lol 😳 Joan & Bob Maria, Florida ❤️🙏"

The next fan wrote, "Simon, the show is different without you! Though I like Kelly on there, she's really good and funny, and I love your laugh, Kelly! Yha it is... Simon, I hear your surgery went well! I am so glad to hear that! And that you're doing well! Keep it up. Lots of love. ❤"

Another fan wrote, "I hope you feel better soon!!❤ Missed you!!😞 Kelly was a great stand-in, always positive and encouraging feedback for the contestants💝"

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