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Simon Cowell Misses AGT Season Finale

Kenshinpark Published On Wed Sep 23 2020   Modified On Wed Sep 23 2020
Simon Cowell Misses AGT Season Finale

Fans missed Simon Cowell during the AGT finale.

Simon Cowell couldn't make it to the 'America's Got Talent' Season 15 finale, which kicked off on Tuesday night. Simon was forced to miss several filming due to the bike accident that caused the severe back injury.

Fans, however, were expecting the AGT judge would make a comeback during the finale, but Cowell couldn't join that day either. 

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Following the finale's conclusion, fans of the show and Simon Cowell flocked to social media to tell him how much they missed him throughout the show.

One fan wrote, 

"[Simon Cowell] #AGT Missing you terribly tonight, Simon! I was just hoping you'd feel better and would be totally healed by this episode, but I am not going to stop praying for your full and complete recovery."

Another fan wrote,

"Wish you were there too. Really miss you would love nothing more, but no matter what, your health is more important, so jeep on taking care of yourself, and we're waiting."

The next fan wrote,

"I've been watching for a tweet by you!  I wish you could be there the next couple of nights too... ain't the same without you, Simon!  Get well 💙!"

Previously, Simon Cowell broke his back while testing his new electric bike. The quick throttle threw Simon off the back as he landed on his back.

Simon was then rushed to the hospital and directly to the surgery; the doctors revealed the AGT escaped from being paralyzed by a centimeter as he narrowly avoided damaging the spinal cords.

Currently, Simon is resting at his home, but fans were expecting him to see on the show, but it seems like he hasn't recovered completely yet. We hope for his speedy recovery.

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