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America' Got Talent's Fans Are Happy With This Week Result

Kenshinpark Published On Thu Aug 20 2020   Modified On Thu Aug 20 2020
America' Got Talent's Fans Are Happy With This Week Result

AGT fans seemed convinced with this week's result.

Well, finally America's Got Talent's fans are happy with this week's result, unlike last week. Last Thursday, when the five contestants that were through the next rounds were announced, people flocked to social media to vent out.

The five contestants that were through to the next round, of course, were voted by the people but some people were left unsatisfied with the result because four out of five of them were singers. 

Here's what some fans thought, 

"So is #AGT basically American Idol now? All singers (and only actually great ones). Better acts went home.  Shows why Americans voted an idiot into office."

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"I'm sorry, but singers on top of singers are sickening; please don't take the wrong way #needtosayit #AGT."

"Probably skipping the rest of #AGT this season. So bored with nothing but singers getting through, but they only have "limited spots" for magicians, comedians, and variety acts on judge cuts... #AGTResults."

Well, that was last week, but this time fans seem pretty convinced with the results. Voices of Our City Choir, BAD Salsa, Daneliya Tuleshova, The Spyros Brothers (through Dunkin' Save), and Jonathan Goodwin made it to the next round.

Here's what fans are saying about this week's result.

"[Daneliya Tuleshova] is singing her way to the semi-finals!!! [The Shape], thanks for showing us your amazing dance moves! and... [Kelvin Sings], thanks for singing your way into our hearts! Don’t give up and stay golden!!"

"Good job America. Got it right. Those two were the right choices. And I just need to say it one more time: Daneliya will be huge. The Carrie Underwood/Kelly Clarkson for this show. Please credit me when I’m right."

"So happy!! So far all my fav acts made it!!! America got it right..."

Well, seems like the semi-final is now going to be the exciting one, finally! All thanks to this week's results, the AGT managed to retain its viewers.

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