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Know The Secret to Frank Luntz's 50-lbs Weight Loss

Kenshinpark Published On Fri Aug 21 2020   Modified On Fri Aug 21 2020
Know The Secret to Frank Luntz's 50-lbs Weight Loss

Here's what you should know about Frank Luntz's weight loss in 2020. Find out he lost 50 pounds in three months.

Frank Luntz (born Frank Ian Luntz) is an American political and communications consultant who is known for developing talking points and other messaging for Republican causes. 

Frank, moreover, is known for frequently contributing to Fox News as a commentator and analyst. Well, despite his highly successful career, it's really rare he gets the attention he deserves.

Frank is mostly known for his language skills, as he promises he possesses the skills to test language and find words that will help his clients sell their product or turn public opinion on an issue or a candidate.

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But recently, Frank is making the rounds of tabloids for a whole lot of different reasons. Luntz is creating a buzz following his massive weight loss. Let's find out more about it and also know how he did it.

Frank Luntz's Weight Loss in 2020

Frank Luntz has undergone a massive weight loss recently. The communications consultant took to his social account profile to update about the latest positive health change and revealed he has undergone a dramatic weight loss.

Taking to his Twitter account, Frank Luntz wrote, "About to pass 50 lbs. lost in the past two months."

Frank continued, "I owe it to all the people on Twitter who kept telling me to 'Eat a f*cking salad.' Thanks to their advice, I'll be around for many years to come!"

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Well, there you have it, 50 pounds in just two points is massive, and we just want to know how he did. He joked his fans insisted him to "eat salad," but eating salad alone wouldn't bring this significant change. Let's find out how he did it.

How Did Frank Luntz Lose Weight?

Well, Frank Luntz is a communications consultant, so it's pretty obvious he knows how to keep his social media followers entertained. Frank has been regularly updating about his health and weight loss journey.

Coronavirus pandemic is undoubtedly not a good thing, but it helped some people to bring about positive changes in their lives, and Frank is one of them. 

Luntz mentioned during his self-quarantine days, he's been working out and opting for a healthy lifestyle. Luntz stressed, "during COVID 19, I have walked three miles a day, tutored students almost every day, and lost 50 pounds. Share your story."

And of course, Luntz lost weight with some changes on his diet. However, he did not give details of his meal, but we can pretty much assume he cut down sugar and alcohol, and that's alone is enough to bring a significant change. 

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