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Jason Lee Weight Loss Surgery - All the Facts Here!

Heisenberg Published On Wed Nov 04 2020   Modified On Thu Jul 28 2022
Jason Lee Weight Loss Surgery - All the Facts Here!

Grab all the details on the weight loss of the American gossip blogger, media personality, and brand ambassador Jason Lee.

Jason Lee's recognized as a supporting cast member on season two of 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.' He appeared in a minor supporting role in season two of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood as a friend of Kamiah's, who exposes the details of her fling with Lil' Fizz. Aside from his part in the show, he has developed a reputation as a gossip blogger, media personality, and brand ambassador. He is married to Ceren Alkac.

Jason Lee left 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' after season three's reunion special. He is currently busy with his broadcasting career as the host of the radio show 'Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED].' Just a few months ago, he spoke on the show about his weight loss and related the fitness journey that helped him drop 30 pounds. Below, we compiled some details of his weight loss journey and fitness routine, so you can learn how he did it.

Did Jason Lee Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

Jason Lee talked about how he underwent weight loss and related his fitness routine in July on an episode of 'Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED].' Jason Lee began receiving Instagram comments on whether he was losing weight or not, so he decided to talk about it on the show.

Jason Lee underwent gastric sleeve surgery.

Jason Lee underwent gastric sleeve surgery.
Source: Instagram

In the episode, Jason Lee started by saying how he received shame throughout his life for his weight, but because he has a 'thick skin, it did not bother him much.' He claims he's been happy with his size since his younger years. But why did he decide to undergo weight loss then? The reason, Jason says, lies behind some health problems he's been facing lately.

Before he started on Hollywood Unlocked, he lost 40 pounds by working out and eating properly. He continued that routine for some time, but after some time, he stopped. He wanted to return to his previous routine multiple times, but something was not working out, and he did not know what it was. So he partnered with a company called Gentera, which does stem cell research and micronutrient testing. The company also does UV Therapy, and he'd been going there for the therapy and getting different medicine.

Jason Lee also did micronutrient testing at the company, and it showed that he was extremely deficient in vitamin D. His testosterone level was also low, and the test showed that his cardiac markers were going up. Additionally, his sugar levels were really high, which meant that he was pre-diabetic. Upon such a diagnosis, Jason began a proper diet and cut all sugar. He even avoided drinking alcohol. But all those efforts did not help in reducing his weight.

Jason Lee's physical therapist, who goes by the name of Omar, told him that he might have inflammation in his body, due to which his body was swelling up. So he began taking supplements and vitamins, but still, the inflammation persisted. The side effects of the condition were also being seen in his life as he began to wake up tired and did not feel any motivation to work out. 

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This led Jason Lee's doctor to take his Sleep Apnea test. Sleep Apnea is a condition in which people stop breathing while they are sleeping. When he did the test, in which he had to sleep in a lab where his breathing and heartbeat measurements were being tracked, the result came out, and he was surprised by it. During his sleep, his breathing had stopped for 63 seconds! The result was an instant red flag for Jason, and he needed to lose weight immediately. That's when he decided to undergo gastric sleeve surgery, to attain sudden weight loss.

Jason Lee's Weight Loss Surgery Made Positive Physical and Emotional Change in Him

Jason Lee talked to his doctor about Sleep Apnea and demanded he needed it right then. His doctor agreed, and Jason underwent an hour-long gastric sleeve surgery, which removes about 80% of the stomach. The surgery was a success, and a few weeks after the surgery, his body was in a state of ketosis, which burned 30 pounds of weight. And that 30 pounds were dropped in 15 days, which was an incredible achievement.

  Jason Lee dropped 30 pounds in 15 days after the weight-loss surgery.

Jason Lee dropped 30 pounds in 15 days after the weight-loss surgery.
Source: Instagram

Weight loss was not the only benefit Jason Lee attained from the surgery; his breathing also improved, and he felt much better than before. In the episode, Jason also stressed that the surgery had an impact not just on his physical condition but also on his mental condition. 

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'This is very much not at all about how I want to look, in terms of why I decided to do it,' he said. 'It was more about wanting to be alive and long enough for my team and me, and me and my family, to benefit from the fruits of all the labor that I've put into building my media company and my brand. Now that I had the surgery, it's the challenge of how hard I want to love myself, how much I want to own the love for myself.'

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