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Here's What You Should Know About John Parrott Weight Loss

Kenshinpark Published On Mon Aug 17 2020   Modified On Mon Aug 17 2020
Here's What You Should Know About John Parrott Weight Loss

Did John Parrott really undergo a weight loss?

John Parrott (born John Stephen Parrott) is an English former snooker player and later become the television personality who gained popularity following his stint on BBC Sport as a snooker expert. Having said that, his snooker career was nothing less than a exceptional.

John was a well-known personality on a professional snooker circuit during the 1980s and 1990s and remained within the top 16 of the world rankings for many seasons.

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We assume you already know about his career, so we are not going to stress about it; however, do you know about the recent buzz John's making for his positive lifestyle?

John Parrott's Weight Loss

People seemed to notice some changes on John Parrott of late; they claim the former pro snooker player has undergone a weight loss. The speculations about his weight loss started when he appeared on Seema Jaswal's show on BBC Two.

(As you can see on the picture, John seemed trimmer)

The host of the show took to her social media following the wrap up of the show and uploaded a picture of her and her other two guests. And of course, one of them was John Parrott. Surprisingly, the former pro snooker seemed a little trimmed during the show.

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John, however, has not confirmed or talked about his recent weight loss or given any details of his health, so at this point, all we can do is assume. And our assumption says he must have lost a stone or so.

John Parrott Might Have Opted for Diet Plan Over Workout and Other Options

As we all know, John was a little on the heavier side of the weight, and he is now 56; A person in his 50s run risks of developing type 2 diabetes. So, it's not just John, but we have seen other celebrities undergo a weight loss after hitting the 50s milestone.

So, when we looked at the picture carefully, John seemed to have lost some weight, and he must have done it through some diet plans. Because we know when you watch what you intake in your daily meal, losing weight is not such a big deal.

john parrott weight loss.

As you can see, he was a little heavier previously.
Photo Source: Agency/GF

Watch your calories, avoid sugar, and of course, quitting alcohol alone can make a big difference. We have seen some celebrities lose weight by taking fewer calories than required, there are certainly different ways to achieve it, and it's all just a little tweak in your diet. 

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