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Home health Mark Shields Weight Loss: Here's What You Should Know About His Illness

Mark Shields Weight Loss: Here's What You Should Know About His Illness

Bran Published On Wed Dec 16 2020   Modified On Wed Dec 16 2020
Mark Shields Weight Loss: Here's What You Should Know About His Illness

Grab all the details regarding the transformative weight loss of Mr. Mark Shields.

Mark Stephen Shields, aka Mark Shields, made the news headlines last night as he recently made the big decision to step down as the regular on 'PBS NewsHour.' His decision proved to be a shock for many considering the fact that he has been a part of the commentary team and as a columnist for the network since 1988. In the past, he gained vital experience working for CNN's Capital Gang as a moderator and panelist.

Aged 83, people can actually justify his reasoning to leave the show on PBS NewsHour. Almost in his mid-eighties, the father of one remains very conscious about fitness and health as one should actually be. In fact, that was one of the pivotal reasons why he went on an intense weight-loss journey to get a lot slimmer. 

Mark Shields Gave Up Drinking To Lose Weight

Mark Shields caught on the camera while working from home.

Mark Shields had his last drink in 1978, which helped him to lose weight.
Photo Source: CNN

In a self-written article, Mark Shields disclosed the fact that it's been over forty years since the veteran journalist drank his last beer or wine. Well, it would make you think, when was your last time? In the case of the experienced political analyst, the reason for such a dry spell was clearly due to a health concern. However, he deserves all the credits for managing to quit alcohol for such a long time, as everyone knows how difficult it can be, especially for regular drinkers. 

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 Over the past few years, Mark Shields tried to give up drinking on several occasions. While they were for different reasons, such as for Lent and others, he did mention weight loss as one of the significant causes.  Ultimately, it was a miserable hangover when he played duck, duck, goose with kids for hours on his daughter's birthday. His drinking partner, John R., was the one who told him how he wasn't being a good father, husband, friend, or employee by drinking.

Mark Shields caught on the camera alongside colleagues from PBS Newshour.

Mark Shields worked at CNN for 17 years.
Photo Source: Deadline

The old and new pictures of Mark Shields definitely reflect the change in the physique of the experienced PBS Newshour analyst. The transformation had a lot to do with his subtle attempt to lose weight, which has been fairly successful. Unlike the young stars in the showbiz industry, he didn't work extremely hard in the gym, but little change in the day to day lifestyle was what did the ultimate trick.

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The reason to step down as a regular analyst at PBS NewsHour after 33 years wasn't due to old age, but it was actually due to an invisible illness. As his body won't be helping him to be a part of the broadcasts, he isn't totally out of the network as Mark still has his place as a senior contributor.

Mark Shields: Married Man And A Father

The successful weight loss journey of Mark Shields had a lot to do with the support Mark Shields got from his beloved family. The former CNN reporter is actually a married man. He has spent over several decades with his lovely wife, Anne Hudson Shields, who is a lawyer and a former civil service official herself. 

Mark Shields poses a picture during an interview.

Mark Shields's family supported him 100% to drop some pounds.
Photo Source: CNN

Shields and his wife Anne Hudson Shields are living a blissful married life, which should be an inspiration to all the young couples these days who tend to get a divorce after a few years. The accomplished pair share an adorable daughter named Amy, who completed her graduation from Duke University. She has made her mark in politics as a registered Democrat and also works as a television producer. The celebrity daughter played her part to persuade her dad to get healthy by getting slimmer.

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