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Home lifestyle Marloes Horst's Marriage Misinformation. Nick Eimers is her Partner and Baby Daddy

Marloes Horst's Marriage Misinformation. Nick Eimers is her Partner and Baby Daddy

terry Published On Mon Jul 10 2023   Modified On Fri Jul 14 2023
Marloes Horst's Marriage Misinformation. Nick Eimers is her Partner and Baby Daddy

What's wrong with the world, I am thinking. Almost every website is writing so confidently that Model Marloes Horst is married to NEXT Model's scouting director Jason Valenta. What? NO? Valenta is Gay!!!

Horst is a partner of Nick Eimers and they have a baby together. Just get your facts straight guys.

Get to know more facts about all her relationships.

Never Dated or Married Jason Valenta

First thing first, Marloes Horst has never dated Jason Valenta. Rumors are swirling that they are married since 2020 but that's absolute misinformation or disinformation, whatever you want to call it.

But It is absolutely false.

One simple reason that this information is wrong is that Valenta is Gay and he is dating his Venezuelan partner Edgar Gil who is an architecture and production designer.

Marloes Horst and Jason Valenta are not a couple.

Horst and Valenta are not in a relationship but they have a special bond. Actually, Valenta was the one who took Horst to New York and give her a big-time exposure in modeling back in 2010. 

It looks like they have a relationship of a mentor and a mentee.

Once Dated Alex Pettyfer

Supermodel Marloes Horst once dated the British Actor Alex Pettyfer and they were considered one of the hottest couples in the Entertainment Industry. 

They started dating in 2014 and broke up in 2016. 

Pettyfer, in his Instagram, announced their split and mentioned that it was an amicable decision. He told the only reason for their break up was their busy life and Horst will forever be a part of his family. 

Marloes Horst and Alex Pettyfer dated from 2014 to 2016.
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I wonder if Alex Pettyfer tells this to all his girlfriends or what?. Anyway, they did not cut ties permanently. 

Current Partner and Baby Mother of Nick Eimers

Marloes Horst is currently living with Nick Eimers and they are not married yet but they have a lovely baby boy together. 

They have been dating since 2018 and in 2020 Horst was pregnant with Eimers' baby. They posted the ultrasound picture and confirmed their pregnancy on November 12, 2020, which is the featured photo of this article on top.

About Nick Eimers

Marloes Horst's baby daddy and partner Nick Eimers is a barber from the Netherlands. And that's all the information about him besides an amazing father and a loving partner of Horst.

Marloes Horst's Partner Nick Eimers' Barber Shop.

Nick owns a fancy hair salon in Rosmarijnsteeg 4, 1012 RP Amsterdam since 2012. The shop is men's only with four barbers according to its official website

Son - Owen Christian Eimers

Marloes Horst and Nick Eimers have a baby boy Owen Christian Eimers together who was born on May 23, 2021. He is a Gemini.

Horst had already declared that her partner Nick and son Owen are her best men. 

First Photo of Marloes Horst's Son After Birth.

Owen Christian Eimers is a lucky child. He is getting all the love, care, and attention that he requires from his parents. After his birth, Horst is still managing time for photoshoots but also managing proper time for her son. She is seen taking her son to almost every place with her. 

Owen's schooling days are yet to come but he's been learning a lot at home.

Also, he is born into a rich family with his mother Marloes Horst being $5 million rich.

Getting Nostalgic About Pregnancy

Horst sometimes gets nostalgic about her pregnancy days. She couldn't believe her son Owen has grown so fast but once he was inside her belly. 

She shared the time when she was super pregnant with her belly so large that it was blocking the view of her own legs. 

She couldn't believe she and the baby has come so far. 

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